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Moesha Kellaway - Illustrator

Moesha Kellaway is an illustrator from Frome with a huge love of the great outdoors, mushrooms and bugs! In true stereotypical illustrator style, she can often be found tote bag in hand with a sketchbook and a handful of drawing tools rattling around inside and possibly a pencil in her hair.

Drawing inspiration from my childhood growing up in Somerset, my love of nature, people watching and exploring the outdoors; many of her illustrations contain a playful use of shapes, colours and characters - with a mix of detail, humour and often anthropomorphism.

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Where did you grow up?
I grew up in Frome, Somerset and spent most of my childhood outdoors and enjoying nature!

As a child what were your favourite books?
I was an avid reader when I was younger (still am!) and I would always stay up late with a torch under the covers – determined to read as much as I could. One of my favourite picture books would have to be The Snail Houseby Allan Ahlberg and illustrated by Gillian Tyler. I love the adventure the children go on with their Grandma and the gorgeously illustrated narrative. Then I think I should also mention that I really loved the Philip Pullman trilogy His Dark Materials. A story packed with action, adventure, the importance of friends as well as knowing who you are and what you believe in.

What inspired you to become an author/illustrator?
I guess in that classic cliché – I’ve always loved drawing and was always trying to incorporate some form of art into my school projects or making up stories on my Nanny’s computer and illustrating them on Paint. During my A-Levels I felt like there was a lot of push to go to top unis and I was still unsure what path to take – so I decided to do an Art Foundation. I met so many amazing people, had great advice from tutors and found that illustration was what I really to pursue.

Where did you study, if applicable?
Arts University Bournemouth

Where do you live and who do you live with?
At the moment I live with my boyfriend, Joe, and his family in South East London. My favourite household members are the cats, Nancy and Sparkles!

What do you feel is the most important thing about books?
I think books should be shared! I love telling friends and family about a groovy book I’ve just read or reading with children and sharing their excitement as they follow the narrative and illustrations!

Where did the inspiration for Slug Life book come from?
I started drawing small anthropomorphic creatures in undergrowth and field settings – and I’ve always been obsessed with mushrooms… which can usually be found with a slug or two munching on top! We moved from Frome to Bruton, which is right near Stourhead Estate, where we often go out for dog walks with my Dad (who’s a carpenter) pointing out different trees, spotting bugs and animals. Usually I try to make a note so that I can research and read up about what I’ve seen; I have so many English Wildlife books it’s a bit mad! I then started drawing slugs that were patterned and could represent different people and then I had the idea of a hilariously grumpy slug!

Tell us five things few people know about you
1. My favourite colour is green... all the shades!!
2. I am actually pretty short – 5'1 (I just always wear big shoes)
3. I really love mushrooms, cats and cheese... but perhaps not all together ahah
4. I think baked beans are scary!
5. I’m a total country bumpkin!

Illustrator's Website: https://moeshakellaway.co.uk/

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Moesha Kellaway


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