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How the site is funded and our Code of Ethics

LoveReading is completely free to use. 

That's based on independent, detailed and specialised research by our Editorial Experts.

We have so many users that the running costs are substantial – and there needs to be a way to generate revenue.

Our editorial independence and mission of helping the book-loving consumer first always prevails. The editorial stance is independent from commercial objectives. We only recommend books we love.

LoveReading continues to follow its founding principles. Our mission is to ensure we provide the best information to help book-lovers find their next favourite book, author or series. Our recommendations are based on researching the programmes of UK publishers, reading the books, and the opinions of our team of Editorial Experts. 

Books cannot pay to appear on the site without our process of qualification, without us reviewing the book and gauging whether it is appropriate, relevant and good enough to share with our audience. Our credentials are critical to us and we are proud of our reputation and the trusted advisor status extolled on us by our loyal readers. 

Our reviews are written purely from a "what did we think of this book?" perspective. Once the book is evaluated, it's the commercial team's job to see if they can work with the publisher or author to secure extra budget to make the review shine and help them sell more books.

Content that generates revenue, provided this does not impact the editorial stance, shall continue to be determined in an objective manner consistent with our mission.

Doesn't this compromise the site?

We don't believe so. The LoveReading reviews are written totally separately from commercial discussions. If the best is the best and doesn't pay, it stays the best. 

Financial considerations do not impact inclusion in recommendations. We never change our stance, or picks, because of commercial considerations.

Any personal data about individual users, including contact details, gathered while operating LoveReading shall not be sold to third parties or used for the purposes of unsolicited communications from other parts of the LoveReading group.