International Day of Mathematics is March 14th, already celebrated by many as Pi Day because the date is written as 3/14 in some countries and the mathematical constant Pi is approximately 3.14.

Many children consider themselves as not mathematical or think that maths just isn't for them - and traditionally that idea might have been upheld by society expectations and attitudes. Of course, we know that everyone is capable of thinking mathematically, and developing maths and problem-solving skills will help children throughout their lives.

The books in this collection make maths fun, introduce concepts and terms in an accessible way and help build maths confidence.

There are board books on numbers and shapes for preschoolers, maths games and quests for older readers and inspiring biographies on famous mathematicians.

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Hugely recommended for little ones who’ve already caught the maths bug, and — importantly — for those struggling with numeracy, Chris Smith’s That’s Mathematics is an inspirational winner, with Elina Braslina's lively illustrations adding to the engaging, energetic vibe.

Cleverly thought-out, the book works well for different age groups. The youngest of readers can approach it as picture book, with a fun song to join in with as they pick up basic concepts presented through everyday contexts, among them sharing a cake, folding a sheet, and following a recipe. Meanwhile, older readers are invited to delve deeper through fun and thought-provoking “Try This” and “Explore This” challenges.

With supporting activity material available (scan the QR code at the start of the book), plus handy parents’ notes and glossary at the back of the book, this is a top tool for explaining mathematical concepts and inspiring curiosity.

Maths Like A Ninja is a clear and useable guide in which Jennings manages to explain mathematical vocabulary in a straightforward and non- patronising way. For example, super, simple strategies for those struggling to learn their tables. This is a great resource for children, but also for teachers and tutors.

Mammoth Maths by David Macauley is an ingenious and amusing explanation of fundamental mathematical principles. The troupe of mammoths that first appeared in Mammoth Science reappears here along with some elephant shrew buddies. This time they are explaining how Mathematics works. The clarity of the graphical explanations is superb, with over 60 topics covered in total, including numbers, geometry, measurement and operations. The visual reference section at the end with tables and diagrams and charts, units of measurement, signs and symbols is incredibly useful and there is an excellent glossary too.

This is aimed at children from 8+ but will be invaluable for reluctant maths learners of all ages for whom the standard textbook is a real turn off.

Whether it's for International Day of Maths or National Numeracy Day (22nd May 2024) or you just love numbers, with these books you can celebrate and share the joy of mathematics with everyone. 

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