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SuperQuesters: The Case of the Angry Sea

"The latest book in the inventive series that develops young readers’ STEM skills and knowledge."

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LoveReading4Kids Says

LoveReading4Kids Says

March 2024 Non-Fiction Book of the Month

SuperQuesters Lilli, Leo and Bea have a new mission in the latest in this STEM adventure series. Through an inventive mix of story and puzzling quests the friends must stop evil Lord Grumble polluting the waters around Questland.

The engaging puzzles that the reader must solve to help the 3 friends achieve their mission include using problem-solving to calm an angry sea spirit, using coding skills to save a pair of otters from an oil spill and using programming to help clean an ocean garbage patch. As these quests are completed they slowly save the Questlands waters, and give young readers the opportunity to practice computing skills in a fun way whilst also learning about ocean pollution.

The SuperQuesters series has been designed by industry experts to develop children’s STEM skills and knowledge in fun and creative ways. Colourful and bold illustrations bring the story to life, whilst depicting ethnically diverse characters and positive representations of women and girls in STEM.

Over 100 reusable stickers are included at the back of the book, these are used to aid and reward successful quests. There is also a comprehensive glossary that introduces key STEM vocabulary and additional online resources available. The quests are suitably challenging for young readers, taking care to encourage and never condescend. I won’t embarrass myself by revealing how long it took me to solve one of them!

Overall, this is a fun, interactive story that will educate and entertain.

Amy McKay

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This is a fantastic book for children aged 4-8 to learn about lots of different topics which will help them in KS1 at school. I really enjoyed all the different activities that fit in well with the story. The characters are fun and I would definitely like to read more of these books.

This book was really, really good! The adventures are really good and you get to do exciting activities to help the characters get through the story.I think this book would be enjoyed by children age 4- 8. You could read it yourself or with friends and family. The main characters are colourful and I think one of them is a lot like me. They have to work together to solve the activities. I found all the activities fun and enjoyable, I could do them all by myself without help. I would really recommend this book.... Read Full Review

Eilidh Summers

A fun and interesting game book!

SuperQuesters The Angry Sea is about three people Leo, Lilli and Bea, who go to a magical world when they need to find out answers. This time they need to find out why there is so much plastic in the river.
They meet the Queen of Questland, pirates, pirate bots and a sea spirit and learn about recycling and how to keep our world safe and clean. There are lots of sticker activities to do as you go through the book. You have to complete quests and then you can add stickers to your reward chart.
I think this book was quite cool. You are able to use your imagination and have fun whilst reading and discover new things. I learnt some new things about recycling.... Read Full Review

Milo Jones

Great interactive book learning coding along with important information on pollution in our oceans.

This book was so much fun to read as you also had lots of interactive puzzles to do. You have to help Lilli, Leo and Bea stop lord grumble from polluting the waters. A fun was to get kids interactive with a book learning coding as well as an important way to help the ocean.... Read Full Review

Kion Mooney