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Books By Dr Thomas Bernard & Lisa Moss - Author

Husband and wife author team, Dr Thomas Bernard and Lisa Moss were inspired to co-found QuestFriendz, a children’s book publisher, following the birth of their twin daughters and their passion to help make STEM learning exciting and accessible to all children.

Lisa grew up in Canada and has written stories from a young age. A 20-year corporate career at several high-tech companies led her to become acutely aware of the STEM skills gap.

Thomas grew up in France and was inspired by his grandfather to have a curiosity for science, technology and discovering the world around him. His love for coding and the opportunity to create and innovate led him to pursue degrees in Physics, Mathematics and Engineering along with a PhD in Computer Engineering. He became profoundly aware of the STEM skills gap and more specifically the gender gap in STEM during his time as a computer science lecturer and during his career at several high tech companies.

Thomas and Lisa live together in Amsterdam with their STEM-loving twin daughters Emilie and Rebecca.

Author's Website: http://www.questfriendz.com

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