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Mega Robo Bros: Robot Revenge

"Mega funny, mega exciting comic adventures starring your favourite robot brothers"

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LoveReading4Kids Says

LoveReading4Kids Says

March 2022 Book of the Month

In case you haven’t come across them in the Phoenix Comic (in which case you’re seriously missing out) Alex and Freddy are robot brothers – super strong and sentient – being brought up by their inventor ‘mum’ and dad as close to ordinary kids as possible. They go to school, they argue (a lot) but they’re also agents for secret agency R.A.I.D. which, in Freddy’s words, means they have to ‘fight evil robots and stuff’. This new adventure once brings them up against the evillest robot of them all, Wolfram, who has a personal vendetta against our heroes. There’s as much explosive, kapow action as you could hope for, but also lots of ordinary home life/school stuff which is just as enjoyable and just as gripping. Neill Cameron is a brilliant illustrator and a first-rate writer too, don’t miss this series.

Andrea Reece

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I could tell you more, but there’s a wonderful little section at the end of the first Mega Robo Bros book, Power Up, where Freddy pretty much sums up all you need to know, in his own unique way!

Yes, it’s time for more fun, more wonder, more excitement, and more adventure from Neill Cameron’s Mega Robo Bros, bringing us ‘Double Threat‘ in a new, reformatted, remastered version!

I’ve already told you about just how good the comic is with the first volume in these newly remastered, ungraded, improved digest format versions of Mega Robo Bros in the review of Power Up, but now it’s time to head out once more with volume two of the digest series, Double Threat.

A lot happened in that first Mega Robo Bros book by Neill Cameron. Alex (12) and Freddy (6) have gone from being two (relatively) normal school kids to two new special agents at R.A.I.D. (the international agency for Robotics Analysis, Intelligence and Defence). And, despite the best efforts of their adopted parents, R.... Read Full Review

Joshua Alamu