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In the Shadow of the Wolf Queen

"A richly-imagined new fantasy series about the power of nature and the strength of sisterly love"

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LoveReading4Kids Says

LoveReading4Kids Says

September 2023 Book of the Month

Ysolda loves her home in the Glaw Wood; alongside her older sister, Hari, and pet sea hawk, Nara, she feels safe and loved. Their village is small, close-knit and just a little magical. Many of the inhabitants have magical powers firmly connected to the natural world around them; some can sense when water is nearby, others have an instinctive knowledge of forest foraging. But it’s Hari who has the most prized power – for she knows and understands the language of trees.

Beyond the Glaw Wood though, danger creeps ever closer. The Wolf Queen is on a power-hungry quest and will destroy all who stand in her way. When the evil queen has Hari kidnapped, Ysolda determines to save her beloved older sister.

The first in a new fantasy series, this is a middle grade novel rich in Millwood Hargrave’s exquisite, atmospheric style. The world building is rich, as the reader is carried through ship-carcass built castles and eerily silent, boggy woods. In one chapter you feel you are hiking through the forest alongside Ysolda, in another rotting, salty sea air wafts from the page.

Though it reads like a classic children’s fantasy adventure, this is a novel rooted firmly in the modern day. Strong well-rounded female characters abound, both protagonists and antagonists. Respect for nature, and the implications of what might happen when respect is not shown, is a big part of Ysolda’s story. The human desire for power has ravaged the landscape, and now nature replies with earthquakes, freak storms, eerie red skies and poisoned waters. There is a message for us all here.

A richly-imagined new fantasy series about the power of nature and the strength of sisterly love. - Amy McKay, LoveReading4Schools Expert Reviewer


Award winning Kiran Millwood Hargrave’s epic new trilogy launches with this gripping first volume. As ever, Millwood Hargrave has created a richly imagined new world as the setting for her pacy adventure. The power of nature and the power of love fuel this beautifully written story as Ysolda, the younger of a pair of orphaned sisters, sets out from the deep shades of her forest home with her loyal and wise sea hawk for company on a dangerous mission to find her sister after she is snatched away by the forces of the evil wolf queen. Ysolda can read the signs of nature easily but now she must learn to understand the different qualities of the new people around her. Who can she trust in the dangerous situations in which she finds herself?

Julia Eccleshare M.B.E

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