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Dinosaur Drama

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Dinosaur Drama Synopsis

After her first time-travel adventure to 1941, Skye wonders if she'll be able to travel into the past again. But sure enough, Skye is transported back again - this time, to 1905! There, Skye meets Lucy and her palaeontologist mum, and goes with them to the opening of an exhibition of Dippy, the dinosaur. But when they spot something suspicious going on, will they be able to stop a thief?

Hideaway Hotel: Dinosaur Drama is part of the Reading Planet Cosmos range of books from Hodder Education. Cosmos provides a vibrant collection of fiction and non-fiction books that will widen children's reading horizons. Reading Planet books have been carefully levelled to support children in becoming fluent and confident readers. Each book features useful notes and questions to support reading at home and develop comprehension skills.

Reading age: 7-8 years

About This Edition

ISBN: 9781398377080
Publication date: 18th August 2023
Author: Sarah Hagger-Holt
Illustrator: Beatriz Castro
Publisher: Rising Stars an imprint of Hodder Education Group
Format: Paperback
Pagination: 40 pages
Series: Hideaway Hotel