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The Girl, the Ghost and the Lost Name

"An atmospheric and gripping adventure story with a very original heroine"

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LoveReading4Kids Says

LoveReading4Kids Says

This atmospheric and gripping adventure story introduces an original heroine and puts a very different spin on the ghost story.

Our hero, Corpse, is long dead. The ghost of a thirteen-year-old girl, she lives on a rocky outcrop near the town of Elston Fright. She’s managed to make a body for herself out of wax, with pebbles and abalone shells for eyes and features, and from her hideaway she spies on the three vile witches who turned her, and countless others into ghosts. Why she has managed to survive when the other ghosts have slipped into Death Proper is a puzzle, and when she discovers that the witches are after a lost treasure that might hold the secrets to her life (and death) she is determined to get to it first.

The adventure that follows is full of thrills and chills, the witches and others providing a real sense of menace. Corpse has her friend Simon, a spider, to provide some help but, as we’re told early on in the story, there’s nothing more powerful than a kid acting with their whole heart. Don’t miss this if you like to be spooked, surprised and stimulated!

Andrea Reece

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Reader Reviews

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Intriguing and imaginative! If you are looking for a magical story you can’t put down, look no further than this book about Corpse the ghost and the power of her heart!

Ever wondered what it might be like to be a ghost or where witches get their magic? A kidnapped girl is killed and finds herself as a ghost who cannot remember her name. If Corpse can find her heart she may be able to get the memories of her lived life back, but there are others who want the magic her heart contains too. Will she find it first? And if she does, will it bring her what she thought she wanted? My favourite character was Simon the spider who is kind and helps Corpse fight her foe. As a ghost, Corpse can speak with animals and possess objects or living creatures. I enjoy fantasy stories and I read this book in one day, as it is easy to read, imaginative and intriguing.... Read Full Review

Lucas Blake

This book was amazing and full of adventure.

This book was amazing and full of adventure. It’s about a girl kid ghost named Corpse. She doesn’t want to slip into the final death like her old friends so she’s made herself a body.
She has bright green seaweed for hair, a pair of abalone shells for eyes, two rows of pebbles for teeth and a wax body. She haunts the house of the three witches who lure children into their house to use them in their magical potions.
Corpse can do magic so the witches don’t even know that a kid ghost is watching them.
Corpse has a pet spider called Simon and one day they find out that she can speak to some humans who help her gain her memories back.... Read Full Review

Amatullah Khatun

This is an fun, exciting and original story. The descriptive words and brilliant illustrations bring to life a story full of magic, suspense and treasure!

This was an amazing book! I love the setting and storyline, the setting is a forgotten town, beach and a rock that doesn't exist. I really love the characters - instead of a generic ghost and a typical witch, the author has almost re-invented ghosts and witches. Without spoiling to much, unlike a usual ghost, Corpse has to build/maintain her body and all ghosts can speak to animals.... Read Full Review