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Greg Hackett - Editorial Expert

An avid crime and thriller reader when younger, Greg is now more interested in non-fiction and in particular books which explain the natural world and our relationship with it. You will also find the biographies of extraordinary people propping up his reading list which is unsurprising as his career has mostly been in live events where he has had the opportunity to hear many remarkable human stories in person. Most recently Greg has founded the London Mountain Film Festival which shares the inspiring experiences of remarkable people doing amazing things in incredible places. He is also a publisher of gifts for hill-walkers and an enthusiastic but challenged home-brewer.

Latest Reviews By Greg Hackett

Scottish Bothy Walks Scotland's 28 best bothy adventures
Bothy expert Geoff Allan, author of The Scottish Bothy Bible, has followed it up with a collection of his favourite walks which just happen to have a built-in Bothy stopover. Scottish Bothies can be found all over the Highlands & Islands, tucked away in some of the remotest corners of the country. Open to all and maintained by a charity, this network of shelters offers unglamorous accommodation to those who like to adventure in wild and lonely places. Find out how to visit places you may never have otherwise known about, what to expect when you get there and the ... View Full Review
Since leaving BBC Breakfasts’s iconic red sofa Louise Minchin has been busy. Busy caving in the wild; busy free-diving beneath ice; busy cycling across Argentina; in fact… busy having no less than 18 jaw-dropping adventures of a lifetime. In Fearless, she tells these adventure stories with the newsreader professionalism you might expect, and we get to meet the 18 phenomenal women adventurers who invited her into their worlds. Louise seems to have crammed all this into a single year - her competence as a triathlete is widely known but even so, this is a lot of energy, risk ... View Full Review
Cook Out
Harrison Ward (aka Fell Foodie) has been on my radar for a while, building a large social following and sharing images and tasty treats from some of the most beautiful viewpoints in the country, specifically the Lake District. His life story is inspiring, and so is the idea behind this collection of recipes, but perhaps most remarkable of all is the depth and quality of this, his first cookbook. Here’s a few that got my mouth watering just at the thought - Chickpea, spinach and coconut curry; Yakitori chicken, Tuscan bean stew… and then there’s ... View Full Review
Oceans of Kindness
In Oceans of Kindness, Laura Bingham completes her 7000km bike ride across South America by peddling through Argentina and reaching the Atlantic Ocean. She is joined by her sister and together they discover the kindness of strangers through the ups and downs of an incredible adventure. It’s a beautifully illustrated book for young adventurers who might already be dreaming of foreign lands. What Laura does well is explore the connection between taking risks and building confidence, and how some things that might seem scary can also be fun. Positivity is the message! Throughout the journey it is clear ... View Full Review
The Girl Who Rowed the Ocean
Alastair Humphreys is a much-celebrated adventurer of modern times - a man who has biked around the world, invented the ‘Microadventure’ and of course rowed solo across the Atlantic. He has also written extensively, and in The Girl Who Rowed the Ocean has perhaps penned his most inspirational work yet. The central character, Lucy, is a young girl with all the characteristics we want our daughters to have - independent, challenging and ambitious. Lucy is an adventurer at heart who simply knows that there is something out there waiting for her, that there are things she needs to ... View Full Review
The Little Thing
Anyone familiar with the works of the book’s author Nick Cave will know this question is one explored extensively in his song-writing, mostly through characters responding to some form of turmoil. In The Little Thing this is also the case as we follow a tiny being who is frustrated and even distressed by the process of trying to understand what it is. Cave’s drawings are simple and vibrant alongside dialogue from those trying to help on this journey of self-discovery. In the end what is discovered is that it’s OK to simply accept yourself ... View Full Review
Frozen Mountain
Frozen Mountain is an interactive adventure game book that teaches essential survival skills to up-and-coming explorers. The story unfolds following an emergency landing high in a remote mountain region and from there the reader has to make a series of life and death decisions to make it home. Every possible danger comes your way as you deal with frostbite, bear attacks, blizzards, raging torrents and more. Not to mention the basic techniques for finding food, water and not getting even more lost than you already are! Frozen Mountain is absolutely packed with expert advice and tips for surviving in the ... View Full Review
The World Book
It’s a big world out there and when you’re little it’s difficult to know where to start. The World Book makes it easy. It's a fantastic resource for young minds to get their heads around the customs, symbols, histories and … well, identities of the 199 countries explored within. The Contents page is sub-titled “Where do you want to go today?”, and that’s just what you do - pick a country, head to the page, and within ten minutes you’ve very easily built an accurate picture of a faraway ... View Full Review
The Ordnance Survey Kids Adventure Book
The Ordnance Survey Kids’ Adventure Book is an inspiration, guide and introduction to map-reading and navigation that will give both competence and confidence to young explorers.  Ever since I was a kid, looking at a map has been imagining an adventure. Learning the symbols, colours, abbreviations, lines, dashes and fonts that illustrate an Ordnance Survey map is like cracking a secret code that makes it possible to visualise what is around and beyond.  In this new Kids’ Adventure Book, OS has made the learning even more fun - packed cover to cover with puzzles, quizzes and ... View Full Review
100 Great Walks with Kids
There are so many great things about this book, but perhaps the greatest is the way in which the authors have found the story in each walk. Kids love stories so what better way to get them into the car than with the promise of “The mystery of the four stones at Clent”, “Beaches and battles at Bamburgh” or “Giants and glaciers on Cadair Idris”? This collection of 100 walks is spread out across the country which make it the ideal staycation companion for families. Graded for difficulty, every page turned brings a new map, ... View Full Review
Hike is a book in which dreams become memories through adventure. It’s a wordless, wonderfully illustrated story of a boy and his father stepping out into wilderness for the day. My own memories of favourite walks with my father are very often just fleeting moments, lasting impressions and scenes which have somehow stayed with me and have no doubt gained colour over the years. Hike is a story about love. Love for the world, love for nature and love for family. Pete Oswald has portrayed adventure in a way that will inspire children and evoke happy memories for ... View Full Review
Antarctica: A Continent of Wonder
Inspiring children to protect our planet is an essential part of the fight against climate change and the neglect of our wild and special places. Antarctica is bursting with beautiful illustrations and surprising facts, with nature, history and even geo-politics wrapped up in an entertaining and logical narrative. Kids reading this book will get to learn the importance of research and science to the environment, while at the same time adding to their knowledge of whales, penguins, seals, volcanoes … and of course ice! The stories and pictures also speak to the adventurer within all of us, bringing to life ... View Full Review