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Me and Aaron Ramsey

"A rich, rewarding, character driven story about football, family and friendship."

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LoveReading4Kids Says

LoveReading4Kids Says

Another wonderful book translated from the original Welsh by the Yoto Carnegie medal winning author, which demonstrates her beautiful economy of language, as well as her skill in portraying utterly convincing and relatable characters.

As one might expect from the title, the story has football at its heart, which will make it hugely appealing to football fans who might be reluctant readers (and the shorter length and the page turning hooks at the end of each chapter, will also appeal) but they will find themselves with an emotionally rewarding and empathetic read as well.

A true football fan and player, Sam shares his obsession with his dad, and they have a close bond despite Huw’s well-guarded secret illiteracy that has not helped their family fortunes. Money is very tight and family life is marred by parental arguments. All their dreams seem to have come true when Huw is signed by local club Peniel, but his match winning debut is marred by a tragic accident and a terrible injury puts paid to his career. An awful sadness overwhelms the whole family and Sam’s anxieties are only calmed by watching endless videos of Aaron Ramsey, who comes to symbolise everything he wishes his Dad could be again- brave, resilient and determined.

A formidable friend engineers a trip for Huw and Sam to an England/ Wales international match which becomes the catalyst for hopeful change. The sensitivity with which the themes of friendship, bullying, mental health and educational struggles are dealt with and the realism of the unsentimental ending, makes this a powerful and memorable read with appeal and relevance to a wide age group.

Joy Court

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