As part of an exciting Summer of Sport ahead, The Euro 2024 tournament will take place in Germany from 14 June to 14 July 2024.

23 UEFA (Union of European Football Associations) men's national teams have qualified and will join the automatically qualified host team Germany.

Two home nations will compete. Scotland faced the hosts in the first match that kicked off the tournament. After losing 5-1, they need a win tonight (19th June) in their match against Switzerland. England won 1-0 in their first game against Serbia and play Denmark tomorrow (20th June).

For all those children who are football fans, LoveReading4Kids has assembled a formidable line-up of football related books that will boost a love of reading, as well as a love of the beautiful game itself.

Tom Palmer, a recent Guest Editor on LR4K and best-selling author, told us that reading about football turned him into a reader. He loved (still loves!) football and devoured comics, magazines, newspapers and books about the game. He has gone on to write a number of books about football including his Defenders series, that cleverly mixes ghost stories and football, and uses past events to throw light on our world. 

If you like football, you’ll love the Football School series of books by Alex Bellos, Ben Lytttleton and Spike Gerrell. The series includes eleven bestselling books and a definitive, comprehensive and hugely entertaining The Football School Encyclopedia which stays true to their philosophy of trying to make sense of the world through football. Discover the origins of the game, the rules, learn about the different leagues around the world and facts about famous players. The final chapter really proves their point that football is a great starting point for learning, with ten sections examining football through ten different lenses from numbers, language, technology, the media and a look into the future. It almost goes without saying that throughout the book there is an equal focus on women’s football and a good balance of diverse world coverage.

Eve Ainsworth explores the fascinating and inspiring true story of a trailblazing female football team formed by workers in a WWI munitions factory in Kicking Off. The Dick, Kerr Ladies F.C., founded in Preston Lancashire, was one of the earliest known women's association football teams in England. The women had joined the company in 1914 to help manufacture ammunition for the war - and made sporting history with their football success, set against the backdrop of the Suffragette movement and enormous social change. 

Mitch Johnson won the Branford Boase Award with his compelling debut, Kick. Chair of the Judges, our own expert reviewer, Julia Eccleshare said: “Kick is an adventure story that connects UK readers with a boy living a completely different and tough life halfway across the world; it is a book full of humour and heart. At a time when many children’s books seem to be looking inward, Mitch Johnson has written a book about a global issue, encouraging children to think about the way the world works, and even how they could affect change." 

Scroll down for more fun chapter books, inspiring stories and books full of fascinating footy facts.

Game on.