Written by financial experts Anna Young, Joanne Bell and Astra Birch (L-R), Money and You! is a new bright and colourful, non-fiction series aimed at equipping children of 8 to 12 years old with all the skills and information they need to navigate the world of money.  With many young adults (and even some adults) struggling with their finances it's never too early for kids to begin learning the essential life skill of managing their money.

There are six high-interest and accessible titles available which include activities, discussion points, and a quiz to help readers become savvy, money-aware young people.

Spending & Budgeting introduces the topics of spending with cash or credit cards, being an ethical and savvy consumer, making a budget and understanding needs versus wants, budgeting for now and in the future, and much, much more!

LoveReading4Kids expert reviewer, Andrea Reece said, "Using graphics and with clear, friendly, reader-appropriate text, it explains the history of money before moving on to explain how we pay for things in the digital world...Just as clear and helpful is the section on budgeting, which opens with the advice that it’s never too soon to start and encourages readers to set up their own budget...A clear, useful guide to a critical life skill."

In Earning Money & Paying Taxes readers are introduced to the world of earning money and paying taxes. How do people earn money and what jobs might suit you? What are CVs and salaries? What are taxes and what do governments do with our tax money?

Andrea said, "It’s packed with facts and information, with details explained via illustrations and infographics making it appealing to look at and very accessible."

Running a Business explores the world of entrepreneurs and business. How do you start a business? What are market research, business plans, and profit and loss? What makes a successful business person and what happens if your business fails?

Andrea said of this title, "If you absorb the information presented in this engaging, well-thought-out book, you’ll be well on your way to a rewarding career in business."

Bank Accounts & Borrowing Money takes a closer look at bank accounts and borrowing. How do banks work and what do they do with our money? How do you open a bank account? What are bank statements, interest, overdrafts, credit cards, loans, and mortgages?

LoveReading4Kids' Andrea Reece described this title as an "Admirably clear and accessible guide for kids on how to manage your money."

Paying the Bills asks, what are all the bills we need to pay in our lives? — both today and in the future as adults. What is rent, a mortgage, or a household budget? Utilities, food, insurance, car costs...

Our  reviewer, Andrea said, "It’s practical, relatable and engaging with clear text and colour illustrations throughout...A great book to teach one of the most valuable life skills." 

Saving & Investing introduces us to the world of saving and investing. Topics include how to set savings goals, how to open a savings account, understanding interest, investing in stocks and bonds, and planning for the future with a pension. 

Andrea said, "By describing the best ways to save up to buy things you really want, it first makes the principle very appealing for young people"

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