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Peter's Baking Party

"A fabulous recipe book for young star bakers, bursting with showstopping cakes, tasty bakes and hearty, homemade dinners!"

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LoveReading4Kids Says

LoveReading4Kids Says

Fun & Tasty Recipes for Future Baking Stars!

If I could choose anyone to man the kitchen at my next tea party or bake sale, Great British Bake-Off winner Peter Sawkins would be close to top of the list! As those who watched him in the tent will know, the confident but unassuming Scot isn’t short of creativity, and it’s this side of his baking that really shines in his latest recipe book for children and families. From lemon meringue towers to Malteser squares, rainbow swirls, babkas and cookie cakes, the line-up of lip-smacking treats is bound to ignite any child’s passion for baking. But his recipes extend well beyond bread and cakes too. Dinnertime favourites like toad-in-the-hole and sweet potato bakes are also thrown into the mix, encouraging children to develop some early (and vital) independent cooking skills. Don’t be afraid to let children take the lead on these recipes at home or in the classroom; Sawkins doesn’t shy away from the trickier elements of baking, but his simple, step-by-step approach to every recipe ensures it’s achievable with a little bit of adult guidance. And once your little baker gets to grip with the basics (think slicing, icing, zesting and kneading), they can work their way through each mouth-watering recipe as their confidence in the kitchen grows.

Peter’s Baking Party is a riot of colour, flavour and fun! The boldly designed pages are as vibrant and playful as the recipes themselves, and Susie Lowes’ photography is not only stunning but hugely effective as a teaching guide. If you have a budding star baker in your midst, or just a little one itching to begin their kitchen journey, I can’t think of a better place for them to start than here.

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Reader Reviews

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Excellent baking book for children and beginners. We can't wait to use it to bake more!

Milo: This book was so useful for cooking and baking. Each of the recipes had ratings to say if it was hard to make or not and that is really good because it helps you to know which things you can make. It was easy to read and understand.

Aidan: I really enjoyed this book. I love watching Bake Off and this book explained how to do lots of techniques like kneading, icing and melting. Peter sounds really friendly and his language encourages you to want to bake and not be worried if you are just learning. The recipes were all really different and interesting and appealing. The pictures looked really nice and it's good to compare and see what the end bake will look like. I liked that there were different categories too. I found the instructions easy to follow and understand.... Read Full Review

Aidan and Milo Jones

Don’t walk, run to get a copy of this so you can start baking too!

I think all kids should have a copy of Peter’s Baking Party cookbook. It has great recipes for delicious treats, there are so many things to make of all different types that there will certainly be something you like in there!

The recipes are clear and easy to follow, and each recipe comes with a rating, so you know how tricky the recipe is. I love that they use a donut rating for this – it is really clever and fun. Depending on what you make you might need quite a few ingredients, and an adult to help with certain parts, but all of the recipes are designed for kids, there are even some you don’t need to bake in the oven.

No matter what you pick to make, I’m sure it will taste great.... Read Full Review

Abigail Morrow

Amazing, fun, colourful and easy to read recipes. There are also ideas on how recipes can be adapted.

This is an amazing baking book with colourful pictures of cakes inside it. I made the lemon and blueberry cake first with my mum. It was very yummy. I read the ingredients by myself and chose the recipe. I have also made the Secret Sauce Chocolate pudding, which was yummy too. I think all children would like making the cakes in the book because they look tasty. It is not too hard to read and the writing in the book is big too. I like the book because there are so many recipes in it and you can change some of the ingredients in the recipes too if you don't like them or are allergic to them.... Read Full Review