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The Great Troll Rescue

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LoveReading4Kids Says

LoveReading4Kids Says

This easy to read new series is set in Tale Town, a magical place inhabited by fairy tale characters. It stars Red, Anansi, Rapunzel and Jack, a distinctive, pint-sized gang of superheroes. The plot in this adventure concerns Anansi’s mum, unfortunately turned into a troll, who has been shipwrecked on nearby Squirrel-Nose Island. When the gang go to rescue her, they fall into the clutches of a very nasty witch and end up locked in her dungeons with an assorted band of prisoners and guards, all of whom are under the witch’s spell. Of course, they manage to defeat the witch, through working together and trusting themselves. It’s a fun, satisfying story, the author’s illustrations adding to the enjoyment, and readers will be eager for more Tale Town stories.

Newly confident readers will also enjoy Angie Sage’s Araminta Spook stories, or Lucy Coats’s Beasts of Olympus series, which take myths instead of fairy tales as inspiration.  ~ Andrea Reece


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