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Totally Chaotic History: Ancient Egypt Gets Unruly!

"Filled with facts, fun and effervescent energy, this illustrated treasure is fit for a Pharaoh (and history-mad kids!)"

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LoveReading4Kids Says

LoveReading4Kids Says

May 2024 Non-Fiction Book of the Month

Ancient Egypt Gets Unruly! sees public historian and podcaster Greg Jenner present the first book in a fantastically funny non-fiction series — Totally Chaotic History. Taking its cue from Horrible Histories, but with more text and its own distinctive brand of breakneck delivery, it’s co-written with expert Egyptologist Dr Campbell Price, and well-pitched for 7+ year-olds who have a penchant for “did you know?” nuggets.  

Underpinned by the child-pleasing premise that history is outrageously, appealingly, TOTALLY CHAOTIC, Rikin Parekh’s comic illustrations add an extra edge of oomph to a tomb tome that already zings with zany energy, and more fascinating facts that you can shake a pharaoh’s sceptre at.  

Taking readers on an epic journey through ancient Egypt, through time, with excellent “myth buster” and “accuracy alarm” sections putting paid to misconceptions, and fact files covering key figures, Ancient Egypt Gets Unruly! is also suffused in an infectious spirit of exploration and detection. Bravo!

Joanne Owen

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