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Books By Greg Jenner - Author

Greg Jenner is a historian, author and podcast host, specializing in communicating history through popular culture. He is best-known for his educational comedy podcast for the BBC, You're Dead to Me, which has had over 70 million downloads. His Homeschool History radio series won him an army of new fans when it launched on BBC Radio 4 during the Covid pandemic. As historical consultant to the BAFTA award-winning CBBC comedy series Horrible Histories, Greg ensured the factual accuracy of hundreds of side-splitting sketches. He's published several books for adults, and released his first children's book, You Are History, in 2022. Greg lives in Surrey.

Dr Campbell Price is Curator of Egypt and Sudan at Manchester Museum, one of the UK’s largest collections of Egyptian antiquities. He grew up in Glasgow and studied Egyptology at the University of Liverpool. He’s passionate about learning about other cultures through objects. His favourite food is Egyptian lentil soup. You can find him online @EgyptMcr. 

Author's Website: http://www.gregjenner.com

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