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Final Video Game

"A science-fiction story packed full of action!"

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LoveReading4Kids Says

LoveReading4Kids Says

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A thrilling sci-fi, action adventure with a gamer twist. Young gamers are falling into comas and the world is on the brink of being taken over by an evil AI, but can the teenagers stop Razer before it’s too late? Final Video Game is a science-fiction story packed full of action. As the AI of a popular video game starts to threaten the world outside the screens, teenagers everywhere are recruited into battle in the last chance to stop its takeover. Thirteen year old Oliver is an unwitting hero, just started at a new school and still finding his feet, only having played Razer while at his friends house, he is recruited and sets off to fight on the virtual battlefield. The plot is full of twists and turns as the fight to outwit the AI before it’s too late.

I think that this book has a really clever premise, it has Age of Ultron vibes and there’s plenty of close scrapes and high tension as Oliver and the other teens fight to stop Razer. On the surface this is a thrilling and gripping sci-fi, action story that middle grade and teen readers would enjoy. As we see the havoc wrought by Razer in the real world it raises issues of our dependence on computers and technology, as well as more bluntly exploring the threat of Artificial Intelligence and cyber warfare. The recruitment of young children and teens to essentially fight a war was a concept I found really powerfully sinister. It added to the tension and the feeling of pressure on Oliver and the other recruits to succeed, undercutting some of the characters as they treated it like just another video game. Sci-fi and video game fans will also enjoy the references dotted throughout this entertaining, interesting and multi-faceted story.

Charlotte Walker, A LoveReading4Kids Ambassador

LoveReading4Kids Ambassador

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