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The Bundu Bunch get to Right two Wrongs
I loved the illustrations in this 19-page children’s book. It’s a joy to view the expressions on the people’s faces and the gentle colours used. Each page only has a few sentences, but the words tell the story effectively and impactfully. The delightful drawings span each page. The orphans notice that there are some iced buns in the back of Indvuna Meyego’s truck when he drops off a bag of mealie meal for them. He says they can’t have any of the buns become they are for people who can ... View Full Review
Lance and the Boiled Egg
Amusing 'Magic Porridge' story in a traditional-feeling family. Lance has had enough eggs, thank you. After eating his fill at breakfast, he tries to leave, but is told he must finish. So eat more he does. But the egg just never seems to end. Told he'll be served it again at the next meal, and the next, Lance soon works out that the egg won't go away... it can't be finished! Eventually his parents realise this and immediately start to capitalise on the novelty/money-making opportunities. But what might happen if Lance spoils his dad's ambitions...? Quite funny, though at ... View Full Review
The Life of Riley – Unbreakable
Also available from Troubador.co.uk Family, friendships and football are all needed to help 9-year old Riley in this thoughtful sporting story. Riley loves football and the friends he’s made on his team, Highfield Flyers FC. In training they learn to work together and in their games they find rivalries and learn to focus under pressure as they work to try and win the league. But Riley’s life is turned upside down when he finds out his mum has a terminal illness and his once unwavering love of football is left shaken. It’... View Full Review
Hannah and the Hollow Tree
An engaging start to an eco-focused fantasy adventure series. A phone call in the middle of the night changes thirteen-year-old Hannah’s life as she knows it. Called to her grandmother’s bedside, Hannah and her mum race through a storm, Hannah still unsure what’s happening and what caused the rift between her mother and grandmother which meant that Hannah hasn’t seen her grandmother in years. Before they reach her bedside things start to get strange, and more supernatural unexplainable occurrences leave Hannah with tons of questions as she is introduced to her grandmother&... View Full Review
Finn Button and The Discovery of Adria
11 year old Finn Button is spontaneously handed a fish tank while waiting for the bus, setting into motion the start of an aquatic fantasy adventure. Like Alice falling down the rabbit hole to enter Wonderland and Lucy climbing through the wardrobe to discover Narnia, Finn Button embarks on an adventure when he is dragged into his fish bowl and discovers Adria. Once he finds himself there he is swept into a current affairs (not sorry) crisis between the Aquaplings, miniature humans, and Rotterbogs, a community of water ogres in hiding but wanting to take back control of Adria and the ... View Full Review
Alphabet Rhymes: Book One
Available on Amazon. Alphabet Rhymes, written and illustrated by Alison Gibson is a fun children’s book. My first impression of the book was good when I saw the lovely, cheerful yellow book cover. It set the tone. Each page displays the relevant letter of the alphabet as a capital letter and in lowercase. Two short sentences describe the item beginning with the letter of the alphabet. The fact that the author has made some of the text rhyme adds to the enjoyment of reading the book. The simple, brightly coloured illustrations are part of the book’s ... View Full Review
Final Video Game
Available from Amazon. A thrilling sci-fi, action adventure with a gamer twist. Young gamers are falling into comas and the world is on the brink of being taken over by an evil AI, but can the teenagers stop Razer before it’s too late? Final Video Game is a science-fiction story packed full of action. As the AI of a popular video game starts to threaten the world outside the screens, teenagers everywhere are recruited into battle in the last chance to stop its takeover. Thirteen year old Oliver is an unwitting hero, just started at a new ... View Full Review
Ruby's Heart Song
Available from Apple Books and Amazon. This is an endearing 31-page children’s book, brimming with charming illustrations depicting the story of Ruby the Penguin. She really wants to sing in the talent show, but she is feeling anxious about performing in front of the other penguins. Her friend, Pengwee Penguin chats with her, discusses his own experiences, and talks her through her concerns. The author has even created some exciting new words to fit the story like “nexcited, jumbly wumbly, and joggly woggly” , which children will love saying out loud. These fun words add to the ... View Full Review
The Griffin's Egg
A magical adventure that sees a young girl protecting an enchanted world. On a trip with her wildlife biologist parents, Phoebe Gray is lost in the woods when she stumbles into a place of magic and meets a goblin called Gnish-Gnash and his precious cargo. Lerch Hollow is filled with fantastical beings and readers are swept along with Phoebe as her journey reveals her own magical connection and the Dark Mistress Lucinda, who threatens this world. This is an easy to read magical story. Readers dive straight in, meeting Phoebe as she wanders, trying to find her way. The book ... View Full Review
The Bundu Bunch get to Write their Names
This is an enjoyable, encouraging children’s story with themes of independence, self-esteem and finding a place to belong. It has beautiful, colourful illustrations. The story aims to bring the plight of AIDS orphans to our awareness, foster compassion for others who are in difficult situations and gratitude if we are in happier circumstances ourselves. The author provides useful pronunciation assistance with some words that might be tricky to pronounce. Jabu, Sipho and Monica have lost their parents to AIDS. They are orphans and don’t have a family to belong to. They can’t afford to ... View Full Review
Just kicking a ball?
Available from Amazon. It’s 1970, the World Cup is playing in Mexico and Julia Wilson, aged 11 is keen to set up her own girls football team at her Primary School. With the encouragement of parents, her teacher Miss Temple and the Headmaster Mr Hopkins, once Julia has the players they put together everything else they’ll need: shirts, socks, goals and another team to play. The hard work is just beginning when they have their first game against rival school St. Matthews and their biased refereeing.  An easy to read short stories perfect for football fans. Telling ... View Full Review