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Tidemagic: The Many Faces of Ista Flit Reader Reviews

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Tidemagic: The Many Faces of Ista Flit

An enjoyable exciting adventure in a magical world where everyone has a different special ability.

I enjoyed Tidemagic. The story is about Ista who has lost her father and is searching for him and other people who have gone missing. In this world there is lots of magic and everyone has a different magical ability but the magic gets weaker and stronger with the tide. It is an exciting adventure with lots of unexpected twists. I enjoyed the book more once Ista was working with Nat and Ruby and they made a good team. The end of the book made me want to keep reading to find out what happened, and I now want to read more about Ista’s next adventures! I recommend it for children who like magic and adventure and the unpredictable!


This book is like a treasure chest full of magical adventures just waiting to be discovered.

Get ready to dive into a world of wonder with Tidemagic: The Many Faces of Ista Flit! This enchanting book takes you on an epic underwater adventure alongside the curious and courageous Ista Flit. From shimmering mermaids to playful dolphins, every page is packed with magical creatures and thrilling escapades. With its vibrant illustrations and captivating storytelling, Tidemagic is a must-read for any young adventurer seeking excitement beneath the waves. So grab your snorkel and get ready to explore the depths of imagination with Ista Flit!

Niya Marasheva

It was the only book I read for three days, which is unusual for me as I usually read at least two.

I was excited at the start of the book because it was really captivating! It was the only book I read for three days, which is unusual for me as I usually read at least two.

The story is set in a place called Shelwich where everyone is born with a tide blessing. This means they have an individual extraordinary power, but this power will only work when the tide is up. 

The main character is an eleven year old girl called Ista and she is a face changer. This means that she can take the form of anybody she has seen before - and use their power!

For years in Shelwich there have been monsters terrorising the city, taking people away from their families never to be seen again.

Ista's main plan is to defeat the monsters and the reason she wants this to happen is because her father was one of the people who was taken...

Early on in the book Ista was being chased by a monster. She got away when she took the form of somebody else, which gave her their ability of flying.

The monsters are randomly popping up from under the ground to snatch people, so Ista needs to delve into the mysterious caves of Shelwich to find her missing father. She is determined to save the people of Shelwich by destroying the monsters.

I would rate this book 5 out of 5 and recommend it to all people who are adventurous readers that love reading.


Ista is on the search for her missing father. But can she find him before it too late.

This book is amazing I couldn't put it down. Follow Ista Flit as she searches for her missing father. Rumors has it they have been taken by a monster but Ista doesn't want to believe that. Ista has a special power which lets her appear as anyone she sees. This will definitely help when she teams up with Nat and Ruby who are also looking for family who are lost. Can they work together to find them before its too late. Where will this adventure lead them and what will they find. This book has many twists and turns and beautiful illustrations this story will have you hooked. Would love to see more from them.

Lexi Mooney

I would really recommend this book to anyone who enjoys magical stories - it was an exciting story!

Everyone in Shelwich is born with a magical gift. People in Shelwich are vanishing and people believe they are being snatched by monsters. Ista Flit, has lost her Pa, and wants to find out what is really happening, but when she starts to explore she is attacked by a monster! She is saved by Alexo, who tells her that to get back her Pa's clarinet she must complete 20 tasks for him - using her unique gift. She is a face - changer!
She finds unexpected friends in Nat and Ruby, and they work together to discover the truth behind the disappearances.
It's an unpredictable, exciting, magical adventure - I enjoyed it a lot and would recommend it.
I have told my Mum to read it because she likes magic books!

Daniel Crossley

Tidemagic is captivating, magical and crammed full of mystery and monstrous atmosphere. A story with twists and turns a plenty, about a girl who has a rare magical ability to look like anyone she’s ever seen. Nicely dotted with beautiful illustrations by Karl Mountford which enhance the reading experience.

Ista Filt lives next to the river in the town of Shelfwich. A place that is filled with magic that rises and falls with the tides and gives its inhabitants ‘tide blessings’ – magical gifts. Ista’s blessing is that she can take on the form of any other person and use their tide blessing while she does it. She uses her blessing to steal things for the mysterious Alexo in order to win back her dad’s clarinet, the only thing she has left of him since he disappeared. But the town is under threat from the grilks, creatures that stalk the streets by night and snatch people from their families. But then Ista meets Nat, and he challanges her to help him find the person leading the grilk attacks and they begin to work together for the greater good.

Helen Robinson

Magical, mysterious and great characters. Be transported to a place where magic rises and falls with the tide. A gripping and a page turner for older children.

Following the story of Ista, Nat and Ruby this is a really magical and enchanting book.
The way the magic rises and falls with the tide was a great concept, mysterious and enchanting.
The characters are fun and keep you gripped.
It’s a great book for older readers alone or younger readers with help.
It will hold your attention and is a real page turner.


Magical mystery adventure story.

Interesting adventure story. The characters worked well with each other and really looked out for each other. I liked the mystery and magical element to the story.