“We’re using it as home readers so the children take them home because they’re bandable books which is perfect for us so we can benchmark children, work out their level and they can take exactly the level that works for them. And we’ve also started using them as guided readers.” Laila Sennah, Year 3 Teacher and Reading Co-ordinator from Our Lady and St Joseph Primary School.

The award-winning book-banded reading programme from Raintree is carefully levelled by literacy experts to provide a reliable framework, perfect for guided, independent and shared reading. High quality design, contemporary illustrations and photographs ensure the books have real ‘shelf appeal’ to encourage even the most reluctant readers.

A key feature of this established reading programme is that the core elements of a balanced literacy programme have been covered, i.e. written language (reading and writing) and oral language (speaking and listening). The programme contains over 320 book banded readers from Pink to Dark Red and includes both fiction and non-fiction texts covering a variety of different text types to ensure that children, especially those that are flagged as reluctant readers, remain active participants in the reading process.  

The book banded readers are linked to the curriculum, using much of the same vocabulary for valuable reinforcement and really develop a child’s understanding and comprehension by giving context and background.. The inside front cover of each title usefully summarises the key information explored in each book so that teachers, teaching assistants and parents can reinforce learning throughout.

A particularly pleasing design feature for this reading programme is the colour banded and numbered bunting on the reverse of each book. This enables progression to be visually tracked. As well as this, the entire programme is supplemented by comprehensive teacher support and extensive comprehension resources making it a well rounded addition to the school.

How does Engage Literacy work?

The precisely levelled readers with comprehensive teacher support and extensive comprehension resources provide an exciting, accessible programme for both guided and independent reading.

The Programme

•    Over 320 book-banded readers from Pink to Dark Red, which cover a huge range of topics and text types to motivate even the most reluctant readers

•    Thematically linked fiction and non-fiction reader pairs engage pupils and encourage a love of factual texts as well as stories

•    Recurring characters and engaging stories that kids want to read

•    Is well suited for English Language Learners and children with SEN

•    Provides a range of support for teachers

•    Can be used a stand alone reading programme or alongside those already used in schools

•    Used in over 40 countries worldwide!

In addition to the reading books there are Teacher Resources, Comprehension Kits, special large font Read-Aloud Books and much more.

Discover more about this award-winning programme perfect for guided, independent and shared reading - download the 2019 Brochure here.

Find a full list of the titles available in the collection in the Engage Literacy Order Form.

Find out more by visiting www.raintree.co.uk and www.youtube.com/user/RaintreePublishers for some interesting video case studies.