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Loki: Tales of a Bad God: World Book Day 2024

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Loki: Tales of a Bad God: World Book Day 2024 Synopsis

After Norse god Loki played one too many tricks in Asgard, Odin banished him to live on Earth as an eleven-year-old school boy. With Thor, Heimdall and the giant Hyrrokkin pretending to be his family, Loki must record his deeds in a magical (slightly sarcastic) diary to prove he’s learning how to become more virtuous.

It’s a bit of a work in progress.

In this diary entry, Loki recounts three spectacular stories, including:

1) Triumphs (and failures) as Loki and Thor take on three tasks for Heimdall.

2) The Norse tale of Thor almost marrying a giant.

3) Loki as a robot. Sort of…

About This Edition

ISBN: 9781529519723
Publication date: 15th February 2024
Author: Louie Stowell
Illustrator: Louie Stowell
Publisher: Walker Books Ltd
Format: Paperback
Suitable For:
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