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Dream Big, Little Mole

"Little Mole proves it’s worth digging for your dreams"

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LoveReading4Kids Says

LoveReading4Kids Says

A little mole sets out to dig the biggest hole ever in an attempt to follow her dreams and prove how special she is. Things don’t go well. First, she crashes through a fox’s ceiling, then she spoils a hedgehog’s lawn, before causing a young rabbit to lose his kite. But with encouragement from a friendly otter, Little Mole carries on digging and suddenly, unexpectedly, and against all the odds, she makes everything right. It turns out her very special talent is helping her friends. It’s a lovely message, and one that will resonate in particular with young children who feel unspecial or just a bit lost. The illustrations are warm and full of fun, especially the cross-section scenes which let us follow Little Mole’s tunnelling across two pages!

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Andrea Reece

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