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Pizazz vs Everyone

"Evil laughs all round as everyone’s favourite junior superhero turns bad!"

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LoveReading4Kids Says

LoveReading4Kids Says

Sometimes life is tough even for superheroes and Pizazz, 9¾ year old hero of Sophy Henn’s sparkling comic-style adventures, is struggling.

Constantly trying to save the planet is exhausting and frankly never-ending. She still has homework to do, friends to see, guinea pigs to care for, and to top it all Gramps is in hospital after an accident. It’s all too much and she decides to go over to the dark side – as a baddie, you just don’t have to care as much.

Fortunately, Gramps has time to listen and reminds Pizazz not just of all the good things she’s done, but that everyone makes mistakes sometimes. Illustrated with brio and establishing Pizazz as a superhero for our times, these stories fizz with wit and fun. This episode is also a lovely way to make everyone, super or not, feel better about themselves.

Andrea Reece

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