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Marv and the Alien Invasion

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This title will be released on 03/10/2024. Pre-order now.

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Marv and the Alien Invasion Synopsis

Winner of the Brilliant Book Awards 2023 '. . . a powerful series of one boy's journey to unlock the superhero within.' - Books for Topics From World Book Day super duo Alex Falase-Koya and Paula Bowles comes another superpowered MARV adventure-the perfect story for young superhero fans. When ordinary boy Marvin wears his super-suit he becomes MARV. A superhero with infinite powers . . . In Marv and the Alien Invasion, Marvin is on a school trip to the Space Centre when supervillain Cosmic and his mischievous alien sidekicks crash on to the scene. After causing complete chaos, Cosmic heads off to steal the Space Centre's rocket. Marvin and Pixel won't let them get away with this. It's time for Marvin to become MARV-unstoppable, invincible, and totally MARVellous! Only then can Marv put an end to Cosmic's scheme and rescue the rocket from his clutches. For more super-suit adventures powered by kindness and imagination, read Marv and the Humongous Hamster.

About This Edition

ISBN: 9781382053853
Publication date: 3rd October 2024
Author: Alex Falase-Koya
Illustrator: Paula Bowles
Publisher: Oxford University Press an imprint of OUP OXFORD
Format: Paperback