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The Day My Dog Got Famous

"Hilarious, heartwarming new series, sprinkled with comic strips and full of fun"

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LoveReading4Kids Says

LoveReading4Kids Says

February 2024 Book of the Month

Meet Ferris Foster, star of what should become a long running and very popular series of books. Ferris lives with his mums, both very into recycling and re-using, his little foster sister Keely, waiting for her forever home, and his dog Aldo. Ferris loves cartooning and has made Aldo, in the guise of Astoundog, a superhero in the comic he sells in the school playground. The fly in the ointment is his next-door neighbour show-offy Destiny, owner of super-talented poodle Princess Foo-Foo. When Ferris somehow ends up betting that his videos of Aldo, who in real-life is distinctly un-superhero-ish, will get more views than Destiny’s of Princess Foo-Foo, well, it looks like half-term, possibly even his whole life, will be ruined especially because what’s at stake is Keely’s much-loved, totally irreplaceable blanket. Luckily for Ferris, his cool new foster sister Tia is ready to lend a hand.

Everything about this book is a joy – Ferris’s cartoons, his efforts to turn sleepy Aldo into an internet sensation, the descriptions of his family life – heck, even Destiny is less awful than we thought. Funny, heartwarming and full of characters who become our friends – don’t miss!

Andrea Reece

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I really enjoyed The Day My Dog Got Famous and I'm looking forward to Spring 2025 for the next book!

I really enjoyed The Day My Dog Got Famous. Ferris Foster is an ordinary kid who really likes making comics and has a dog called Aldo - that he really wants to make famous, so he can beat Destiny Dean in her bet to see whose dog is the most famous! She posts about her dog EVERY DAY on YouStream and they get hundreds of likes.... Read Full Review


This was a funny and exciting story with really fun and enjoyable illustrations and characters which will last forever in my memory.

I think the book was very good. It was one of the best books I’ve ever read. I liked the character Aldo very much as he was very cute, funny and cool. The story was very exciting and I can see myself reading this book again a lot of times. The illustrations were fun to look at and really helped me to imagine the characters better.... Read Full Review