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The Soul Hunters

"Fantasy meets history in an adventure series that never lets up "

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LoveReading4Kids Says

LoveReading4Kids Says

Genna has always been good at history but the strange connection she has with times gone by turns into something terrifying when she becomes the victim of a series of assaults, each linked to violent moments from the past. Who is Damien, the young man determined to kill her, and who is Phoenix, the boy equally prepared to save her life? As the attacks continue Genna discovers that she is a First Ascendant, born at the dawn of mankind, with hundreds of lives already lived, and that this makes her the target of the evil Incarnates who won’t rest ‘til she is dead forever. As she and Phoenix fight to survive, and thereby save the human race, the action comes satisfyingly thick and fast, often staged in thrillingly described historical scenes. Few authors know more about pace, combat and all-out excitement than Bradford (Bodyguard, Young Samurai) and this will delight his legions of fans, and even more besides.

Andrea Reece

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Reader Reviews

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I really enjoyed this book, it is a strange journey through history and past lives, a book about bond and trust with parts that make you jump and keep you guessing. I am looking forward to the next one.

I enjoyed this book, it was quite complicated and took a while for me to get into but was worth preserving with.
It was very dark in places but not too frightening, the storyline was good. I liked the character of Damien, it was well written and scary. I liked the way it jumped back and forth through history and it really got me thinking.... Read Full Review

Luke Killen

A thrilling and gripping read… for those who don’t mind gruesome action. The chase to save the light of humanity is on!

This book is thrilling. The main character is Genna who is just a ‘normal’ girl, or so she thinks. Twice she finds herself in scary trouble and is rescued by the same person which surely can’t be a coincidence. Her rescuer talks about soul protectors, hunters and first ascendants, which makes Genna think he is nuts. But through glimmers of past lives, the realisation dawns on her that she is being hunted. She has no choice but to trust this ‘protector’ of hers. The soul hunters are relentless, meaning the chase to save the light of humanity is on. The story can be gruesome in its descriptions of what is happening, so I’d suggest it’s suitable for 11+.... Read Full Review

Lucas Blake

This gripping fantasy is the first in a series that, based on the first book, is going to be brilliant. This book had some unexpected twists that made this book un-guessable.

This gripping fantasy is the first in a series that, based on the first book, I think is going to be brilliant. This book had a brilliantly thrilling plot and some unexpected twists that made this book un-guessable. With motorbike chases, stunts, and adventure what's not to love? This book had the perfect amount of action, not having constant chase scenes but also not having a big piece of action at the end then no other action. I especially like the idea of reincarnation. I liked the character of Tanas.... Read Full Review

barney clark