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Marv and the Humongous Hamster

"More super-exciting, super-readable adventures with your favourite young superhero"

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LoveReading4Kids Says

LoveReading4Kids Says

In his latest adventure, Marv, schoolboy superhero, finds looking after animals, even small ones, is a big responsibility. He’s picked to take care of Nibbles the school hamster during half term and is determined to make sure she has a great time.

His first mistake is taking Nibbles to the park, especially because they run into supervillain Dr Boom. Hit by Dr Boom’s blaster ray, Nibbles is made huge, while Marv’s grandad is shrunk to the size of a mouse. When Dr Boom heads for the local pet shop it’s up to Marv to save the day. Things are pretty scary with huge pets everywhere, made worse when Marv is miniaturised too. Fortunately, even tiny, Marv’s still a superhero and with the help of sidekick Pixel he’s soon back to normal size, in charge of the blaster ray and putting everything to rights.

As ever, the book is full of super-lively illustrations and divided into short, action-packed chapters, making it a perfect first reader, while its message about caring for the creatures sharing this planet with us is an important one too.

Andrea Reece

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