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Pinch Perkins and the Midsummer Curse

"A magical new adventure series that will enchant young readers"

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LoveReading4Kids Says

LoveReading4Kids Says

Meet Pinch Perkins, star of a sparkling new fantasy series. Pinch lives in a pocket of magic on the edge of the ordinary world. There are more grown-ups there than children but when her mum is cursed and put into an unwakeable sleep, Pinch feels it’s down to her to find out who is responsible and how to lift the curse.

With the initially reluctant help of her frenemy Henry, she tracks down clues in other magic enclaves, putting both of them in real danger. The finger seems to point to a wicked witch, Lizzy Creak, but worse, indicates that Pinch only has until midsummer night to save her mum.

The action is non-stop with Pinch and Henry helped by hedgehogs, a fairiy, the (also cursed) knights of the round table and even a London cab driver but Lizzy Creak is ruthless and much closer to home than Pinch realises. Brimming with imagination and with a really sparky, memorable protagonist this is a great read for young fans of magical adventures.

Andrea Reece

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Reader Reviews

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It’s such an easy read very very interesting.


Pinch perkins, Henry, Ernest, Mum

Plot Line

Londoners are being cursed in an enchanted coma known as sleeping beauty curse.
Pinch Perkins is it in a race against time to save everyone from the curse.

Setting/ world Building

The story is set in London.

Illustrations or diagrams

The book has some lovely illustrations and diagrams. It is really set out lovely and works well with the book.

Design/ layout

Design and layout are really good. Very easy to read. Pictures and chapters and designed really well

Any themes or messages

The book is very adventurous and magical fairytale like an enchanting.... Read Full Review

Holly Boyce