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Wise Up! Wise Down!

"A meeting of minds and a wealth of words in a fantastic collaborative anthology."

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LoveReading4Kids Says

LoveReading4Kids Says

April 2024 Book of the Month

What a special treat to have a collaboration between three such greats in the world of children’s literature! Two internationally acclaimed prize-winning poets and a multi-award-winning illustrator. Satoshi Kitamura’s iconic artwork is the perfect partner to the witty and wise words that take us on such a wondrous poetic journey.

The poets alternate throughout, and the way they react and respond to each other seems truly conversational, with one idea sparking off a response. This is a masterpiece of anthologising since many of these poems have been published separately before, but here juxtaposed to show a remarkable meeting of minds.

They pose philosophical questions and provide thought provoking answers such as in Mind, What Exactly Are You? by JA and JL’s original reposte Never Mind. These are poets who clearly enjoy each other’s words, and both have a wicked sense of humour as demonstrated by the nonsensical Crocodile’s Tale and Mother Alligator’s Advice to Her Children.

What overwhelmingly comes across to the reader is the sense of curiosity and wonder about the world which is perfectly summed up by the final words from JL ..This strange world will never be anything less or anything but a forever and ever adventure. Bound to become a treasured addition to poetry collections at home and in schools.

Joy Court

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