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"The compelling, thought-provoking new story from an award-winning author."

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LoveReading4Kids Says

LoveReading4Kids Says

April 2024 Book of the Month

Keedie is the prequel to Elle McNicoll’s award-winningA Kind of Spark, now also a successful BBC TV series, and stars its central character Addie’s much-loved big sister. Don’t worry if you haven’t read the earlier book, Keedie more than works as a stand-alone, though I guarantee that once you have read it, you’ll be searching out A Kind of Spark to read next.

Like Addie, Keedie is autistic and on one level the book is a superb, eye-opening and powerful account of what that means for her. It’s much more than that too however, with a cracking storyline, and themes of family, friendship, and fairness. It’s no surprise that Keedie is highly attuned to the bullying that is going on at her school, and indeed in the wider society, but unlike most of us, she is unafraid to call it out, whoever is responsible. This causes ructions at school, in her village and even in her own family, not all of them easy to resolve.

Well-plotted, full of nuance and characters we will all recognise, the story is compelling and thought-provoking and you may well find yourself reading it in one sitting, as I did.

Andrea Reece

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