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On Silver Tides

"An original and imaginative magical realism set on Britain’s waterways, this already feels like a classic."

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LoveReading4Kids Says

LoveReading4Kids Says

April 2024 Book of the Month

Kelda is a fiercely protective big sister, she loves and defends her little sister, Isla, passionately and unquestioningly. But times and their community are changing, and protecting Isla may not be possible for much longer. For the sisters are silvermen, a secret species of near-humans who live on Britain’s waterways, breathe through their skin underwater and keep strictly to themselves. When it is revealed that Isla cannot breathe water, she is decried as an abomination to silvermen lore and blamed for a sickness poisoning the rivers.

With incredible world building and intricate plotting this is an exceptional fantasy novel. A timely environmental message of protecting our waterways runs alongside the richly imagined adventure, creating an atmospheric novel that feels both modern and classic. Extracts from natural history books about the history and traditions of silvermen are woven throughout the book, adding an impressive depth and breadth to the folklore created. On more than one occasion I really did find myself wondering if maybe, just maybe, silvermen really do live amongst us!

As immersive a read as the cold waterways it describes, this is a rich fantasy that sweeps the reader along - not to be missed.

Amy McKay

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