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Little, Brown Nut

"The fascinating life cycle of a Brazil nut tree"

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LoveReading4Kids Says

LoveReading4Kids Says

November 2023 Book of the Month

The little brown nut that is the subject of this picture book is a Brazil nut, and its story opens up the whole Amazon rainforest for readers.

We learn about the life of a Brazil nut tree from the moment the hard fruit containing nuts falls to the forest floor. An agouti opens it – it’s just about the only animal that can – and, squirrel-like, buries some of the nuts in the ground. As the seed germinates, a tree starts to grow, up through the forest floor, to the understory, providing a home for insects, birds and animals, finally growing through the rainforest canopy.

Each page is full of facts and information, carefully presented in age-appropriate text and clear, bright illustrations. A fold-out poster at the end illustrates the little brown nut’s life cycle, and also includes a map of South America and another showing rainforests of the world, while an Amazon I-Spy, challenges readers to find wild creatures that have appeared throughout the book – harpy eagle, assassin bug, tapir.

It’s a fascinating story, told in a way that will catch young reader’s attention and fire their interest in the rainforest.

Andrea Reece

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