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The Midnighters

"Deliciously dark gothic tale filled to the brim with magic and mystery"

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LoveReading4Kids Says

LoveReading4Kids Says

Ema Vašková belongs to a family of famous scientists and yet she appears to have the very unscientific ability to predict events, but she is never allowed to talk about this. When she is sent to stay with her eccentric uncle in Prague, she fears she'll lose the chance to ever fit in and become a true scientist like her beloved older siblings. But there she meets the mysterious Silvie and soon the girls are meeting for secret midnight adventures aimed at conquering Ema’s fears.

When Silvie disappears it’s up to Ema to find her with the only clue pointing to the mysterious Midnight Guild. Ema proves herself to be both resourceful and brave and she needs to be. It seems that Silvie has been on a quest to find a murderer and that Ema will discover more about her family history and her own abilities as well as save her friend. Ema is a really engaging heroine and this is an assured, inventive and original fantasy, populated with fascinating, and occasionally macabre, characters with which to follow Tooke’s acclaimed debut The Unadoptables and likely to prove just as popular.

Joy Court

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Intrigue, friendship, magic and deception are created in this totally immersive tale; nothing is really what is seems or is it? Beautifully descriptive, readers are drawn into a world of magic and deception that celebrates difference.

Mystery, intrigue, friendship, magic and deception are created in this totally immersive tale. Nothing is really what is seems or is it? Beautifully descriptive, Tooke draws the reader into a world of magic and deception through a friendship that celebrates difference and loyalty.
The twelfth child born to scientific parents at midnight on the twelfth day of the twelfth month with a misfortune looming; Ema is left with her uncle and within moments uncovers mysteries within mysteries. It starts with eyes staring through an attic window, midnight adventures, and eerie encounters in a mausoleum.
When Ema’s new friend goes missing, she finds clues to a secret magic society that takes the reader back to Victorian enigma of magic; themed rooms full of foreboding, creepy and yet beautiful.... Read Full Review

Sarah Rogers

An exciting fantasy adventure about finding your way in the world when no one understands you.

From the first page of this astonishing novel, I was drawn into Ema’s world. Hana’s use of language to describe the setting and characters is sleek and dramatic. I was present in the story from the start.
Ema Vaskova feels different. The 12th child in a large family she struggles to find her place amidst the skills of her brothers and sisters. When Ema is sent away to stay with her uncle, she meets Silvie who she forms a strong friendship. When Silvie disappears, Ema knows there is something wrong and she starts to delve into the dark and mysterious world of the Midnight Guild. At each turn in the story more mysteries emerge, and Ema must use her knowledge, skills and ultimately her confidence to discover the hidden secrets.... Read Full Review

Claire Scothern

This is a varied and absorbing read, dipping into several genres

Ema Vaskova is the 12th child of a family of twins (baring her eldest sister) and grows up desperately wanting to be like the rest of her family who all excel in science in one discipline or another. As her siblings leave for further education Ema is left alone, and yet to find her scientific specialism. As her parents embark on an expedition Ema is sent to live with her Uncle. It is here she meets Silvie, a girl alike in appearance, yet where Ema is full of doubt and anxiety she is full of confidence and curiosity. Silvie , too, sees in Ema skills of her own and together they share several midnight adventures across night-time Prague - until one day Silvie goes missing!... Read Full Review

Adam Rodgers