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If You Still Recognise Me

"This smart, sunny story of summer crushes, queer romance, friendship, fandom and family reconciliations is a dazzling delight"

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LoveReading4Kids Says

LoveReading4Kids Says

July 2022 Debut of the Month | Shortlisted for the YA Book Prize 2023

Multi-stranded and suffused in sapphic love, Cynthia So’s If You Still Recognise Me debut is a compassionate, cute ode to fandom, finding love, and finding your people. The novel also deftly explores the intersection of sexism and racism, homophobia, and abusively manipulative relationships while remaining a super-sweet coming of age story that’s populated by characters who will make many a heart melt.

Elsie is British-Chinese, bisexual, and has a serious crush on Ada, who she met on a comic fandom forum. Though separated by the Atlantic, Elsie is about to disclose her feelings when Joan, her best friend from childhood, returns to study at Oxford Uni after moving to Hong Kong. Cue all sorts of unexpected complications. 

Elsie is also still struggling with the lingering effects of an abusively controlling ex, whom she now suspects is one of those “men who see Asian women as submissive and obedient playthings they can dump all their problems on and then discard.” In addition, Elsie’s family is reeling from the death of Gung Gung, her grandad. Why hadn’t they visited him for eight years, and why is her Uncle Kevin so absent? At least Elsie has her new gay, and possibly asexual, comic store co-worker to turn to.

A quest to do something wonderful for Ada and her family facilitates a superb representation of older lesbian, gay, bi and non-binary characters – individuals leading gorgeously fulfilling lives who inspire Elsie as she finds herself falling deeply in love, resulting in a sparkling, satisfyingly sincere summer read.

Joanne Owen

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Reader Reviews

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If You Still Recognise Me was a great read which explored many different ideas such as cultural, childhood, and sexual identity. This book well represented Queer, Black and Asian characters who went through their own relationship and family struggles. I found the book heart-warming and relatable with lovable but flawed and realistic characters. These ideas being explored also made for a more interesting read and made the characters more real and less perfect which helps break down expectations for an unrealistic perfect person.

If You Still Recognise Me was an exceptional read for many different reasons. The exploration of childhood, cultural and adult identity was shown through the main character, Elsie, who struggles through these different aspects of her life. Elsie being bisexual and finding her way through a bad relationship, family problems and growing up in different continents and therefore cultures shows the struggles of teens in the world today. This book also gives amazing LGBTQIA+ representation through the young and older queer characters. It also shows the characters questioning their gender identities which is another aspect of the book that is very real and represented well, along with the representation of bi-racial, Asian and Black characters.
Additionally, the idea of Elsie growing up with Chinese culture and English culture and different beauty standards is explored and handled very well in this book.... Read Full Review

Iulia Motoc

I was hooked into this story with the illustrious descriptions of the setting

18 year old Elsie has lots to think about the summer after her A-Levels – dreaming about her life in college, going on holiday with her best friend Ritika and confessing her crush on her online-friend Ada, after they both bonded by fangirling over their favourite graphic novel. This book is a coming-of-age romance and touches on multiple positive themes, including love, self-discovery, identity and friendships – old and new!... Read Full Review

Elleanore Phillips