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The Last Firefox

"An anxious boy with two adorable dads, two super-supportive friends, and one magic fox finds his inner fire in this cheering fantastical adventure"

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LoveReading4Kids Says

LoveReading4Kids Says

March 2022 Debut of the Month

A cute fox cub, a thrilling sense of adventure, a tender message about bravery and overcoming bullies, and a gorgeous sense of friendship and families — what a winning, heart-warming combo. Lee Newbery’s The Last Firefox is also impeccably paced, plotted and pitched for its readership, with a few fart-tastic funnies to enjoy, too.

While Charlie has a pair of fabulous friends in Lippy and Roo, he’s having a troubling time of it. First there’s the bullies at school and his worries about moving to secondary school after the summer holiday. Then his dads announce they want to adopt a little sibling for Charlie, and he fears he’s not brave enough to be a big brother.

If that wasn’t enough, Charlie encounters a boy from the kingdom of Fargone. A boy with a fox called Firetail that has shimmering, flaming fur. The boy tells Charlie that the shapeshifting Grendilock is hot on his trail, desperate to catch this last firefox, and he entrusts Charlie with keeping Firetail safe for a few days: “What have I got myself into?” Charlie laments.

After renaming Firetail Cadno, the Welsh word for fox, Charlie has to look after the magical cutie for longer than anticipated. And, with the Grendilock creeping ever closer, he must also find his inner fire to protect Cadno, and those he loves most in the world. This is sweet as a nut, and exciting with it.

Joanne Owen

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Reader Reviews

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I loved reading the book it was fun and me me happy and I smiled as I read it.

The Last Firefox
Charlie is afraid of the bullies.
Lippy &Roo are his good friends. They are very loyal.
Charlie has 2 Dads and he loves it. Charlie looks after the Firefox. He is a mischievous fox.
Charlie is a adopted.... Read Full Review

Heidi Boyce

The Last Firefox was a stunning read, it was full of secrets and had a faint bit of horror.

The Last Firefox was a stunning read, it was full of secrets and had a faint bit of horror. I like how the illustrations are rationed through the story, they really helped to explain it. If I were to recommend this book to a particular type of reader it would be the fantasy seekers and the people who like books with that smidge bit of horror.... Read Full Review

Obi Reed

This is an interesting story, that I would recommend to children who like adventures and being outdoors.

This story follows Charlie and his two friends, Lippy and Roo, on a fantastic adventure. When Charlie finds himself caring for a Firefox, he must work together with his friends to protect this secret, however it is harder than it seems. When the Grendilock finds out where Charlie lives, things get a lot more scary...

I found this book very entertaining and exciting. As soon as I read the first page, I was immersed in a gripping tale of fantasy and wonder. I think this book is perfect for anyone who loves animals or creatures. I am so looking forward to reading more books by Lee Newbery. It was an absolute pleasure to read this book, and I am really hoping you will enjoy reading it too.... Read Full Review

Alex Urban