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"A cautionary tale about protecting oceans from plastic waste"

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LoveReading4Kids Says

LoveReading4Kids Says

A young jelly fish becomes firm friends with a discarded plastic carrier. The carrier appears to be a good listener and brave. But Jelly Boy’s family don’t like the bag branding him dangerous. Jelly Boy recognises the problems and differences with the carrier but doesn’t want to let go! Inevitably the bag pulls Jelly Boy into dangerous situations until at last he needs rescuing – and his family pull together to save him.

A delightfully simple tale that tells a powerful story about the dangers of plastic in the oceans and just how much of a problem they can be for the ocean’s fauna and flora. The illustrations are big, bold, and brightly coloured in blues and other appropriate shades.

The books final page shares some facts and figures about the amount of plastic waste going into our oceans. This is a good read, whilst starting our youngest readers on a journey of environmental awareness.

Tricia Adams

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