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The Christmas Wrapper

"Only you can save Christmas from the (w)rapping reindeer "

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LoveReading4Kids Says

LoveReading4Kids Says

A young child is wrapping a present but, oh dear, it’s not easy – there’s glue and glitter everywhere. Then, just as despair is about to set in, ‘Kaboom!’, who should appear but a tall, strikingly clad reindeer with a sharp line in wrapping and rapping. Before you know it, everything in the house is wrapped, not just the present, but the tables, the chairs, the doors – you name it, our reindeer wraps it! Fortunately, some quick thinking on the child’s part sorts the problem out and leaves everyone set up for a very Happy Christmas. The story will have children giggling at the preposterousness of it all, and joining in with the rhyming (of course) text, but what will make it extra special is that this story can be personalised so that their name appears on the cover, and they are the child struggling with that wrapping paper at the beginning, and sorting our rapping wrapping reindeer out at the end. The team at Tickled Moon lead the field in personalised books for children and no wonder, their books are fun to read, lovely to look at and provide unforgettable reading experiences for children.

Andrea Reece

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