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Books By Fransie Frandsen - Author

Fransie Frandsen is an author, fine artist and illustrator. She was born in South Africa and studied graphic design in South Africa, Denmark and the United Kingdom.

She subsequently completed a post-graduate degree in Art Psychotherapy in the UK, where she worked as an art therapist for several years. During this time, she worked with children and focused mainly on the communication, attachment and bonding between parents and their children, which is also the underlying theme in her children's books.

Humour and curiosity are present throughout Fransie's practice as an artist and storyteller. Exhibitions of her fine artwork are on display across Europe, with recent exhibitions in London, Genoa and Milan.

Fransie currently lives with her family and The Barkingtons, a pair of rambunctious Westies, in Geneva, Switzerland, where her studio is located.

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