Today the nominations have been announced for the 2024 Yoto Carnegies, one of the UK’s longest-running children’s book awards. A grand total of 129 books have been nominated for the 2024 Medals.

69 books are in contention for the Yoto Carnegie Medal for Writing which is awarded to a book written in English for children and young people that sparks an outstanding reading experience and 60 books for the Yoto Carnegie Medal for Illustration, which celebrates an outstanding reading experience through illustration. This includes 6 titles that have received nominations in both Medal categories.

Yoto Carnegie Medal for Illustration Nominated Titles 2024

Agee, Jon. My Dad is a Tree

Anima, Olya (illustrator) DeBhairduin, Oein (author). The Slug and the Snail

Baker-Smith, Grahame. The Ever-Changing Earth

Baker, Jeannie. Desert Jungle

Barrow, Alex (illustrator) Dawnay, Gabby (author). If I Had a Crocodile

Becker, Aaron. The Tree and the River

Bendix, Tea (illustrator) Ness, Patrick (author). Different for Boys

Bickford-Smith, Coralie. The Squirrel and the Lost Treasure

Browne, Anthony. A Boy, His Dog and the Sea

Campi, Thomas (illustrator) de Fombelle, Timothée (author) Ardizzone, Sarah (translator). A Swallow in Winter

Carlin, Laura (illustrator) Almond, David (author). The Woman Who Turned Children Into Birds

Child, Lauren (illustrator) Carroll, Emma (author). The Little Match Girl Strikes Back

Cockcroft, Jason (illustrator) Holland, Tom (author). The Wolf-Girl, the Greeks and the Gods: A Tale of the Persian Wars

Cole, Lo. Doris

Colfer, Eoin and Donkin, Andrew (illustrators) Rigano, Giovanni (author). Global

Dagilè, Inga (illustrator) Marcinkevičius, Marius (author). The Pebble

de Freston, Tom (illustrator) Hargrave, Kiran Milwood (author). Leila and the Blue Fox

Dean, Rachael (illustrator) White, Kathryn (author). Home for Grace

Docherty, Thomas (illustrator) Dougherty, John (author). The Hare-Shaped Hole

Donnelly, Paddy (illustrator) Tagholm, Sarah (author). Wolves in Helicopters

Echeverri, Catalina (illustrator) McGuckin, Isla (author). April’s Garden

Evans, Kate (illustrator) Matthews, Cerys and Thomas, Dylan (authors). Cerys Matthews’ Under Milk Wood: An Illustrated Retelling

Farfort, Lucy. In Our Hands

Gent, Owen. That’s Nice, Love

Graham, Bob. The Concrete Garden

Gravett, Emily (illustrator) Lake, Nick (author). The House With a Dragon in it

Haughton, Chris. Well Done, Mummy Penguin

Hogtun, Stephen. Deep

Horáček, Petr (illustrator) Davies, Nicola (author). Choose Love

Ilustrajo, Mariajo. Lost

Kaadan, Nadine (illustrator) Robert, Na’ima B (author). A Child Like You

King-Chai, Sharon (illustrator) Donaldson, Julia (author). Colours, Colours Everywhere

Klassen, Jon. The Skull

Lynch, P.J. (illustrator) Frost, Robert (author). Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening

MacDonald, Shona Shirley (illustrator) Ryan, Ellen (author). Girls Who Slay Monsters

Mayhew, James and Toto. The Frog’s Kiss

McCarthy, Steve. The Wilderness

McKean, Dave (illustrator) Said, SF (author). Tyger

Meza, Erika. To the Other Side

Mistry, Poonam. The Midnight Panther

Mori, Yoko (illustrator) Hirano, Cathy (translator). Teddy’s Midnight Adventure

Mosquera, Yolanda (illustrator) Echeverría, Julio Serrano (author) Schimel, Lawrence (translator). Balam and Lluvia’s House

Mountford, Karl James. The Circles in the Sky

Nebechi, Kingsley (illustrator) Atinuke (author). Brilliant Black British History

Ogilvie, Sara (illustrator) Rundell, Katherine (author). The Zebra’s Great Escape

Pinfold, Levi. Paradise Sands

Rayner, Catherine (illustrator) Donaldson, Julia (author). The Bowerbird

Sardà, Júlia (illustrator) Eggers, Dave (author). Moving the Millers’ Minnie More Mine Mansion

Savage, Chloe. The Search for the Giant Arctic Jellyfish

Scurfield, Lynn (illustrator) Craig, Mya-Rose (author). Flight

Smith, Jennifer N.R. Glow: The Wild Wonders of Bioluminescence

Smith, Sydney (illustrator) Scott, Jordan (author). My Baba’s Garden

Terrazzini, Daniela Jaglenka (illustrator) O’Farrell, Maggie (author). The Boy Who Lost His Spark

Todd-Stanton, Joe (illustrator) Stewart, Alexandra (author). Darwin & Hooker: A Story of friendship, curiosity and discovery that changed the world

Todd-Stanton, Joe. Luna and the Treasure of Tlaloc

Vere, Ed. The Artist

Winston, Sam. One and Everything

Woffenden, Chris (illustrator) Sprenger, Christian (author). ZombieGerm 2: Mission Clutz

Wolters, Octavie (illustrator) Hutchison, Michele (translator). The Starling’s Song

Zając, Aleksandra (illustrator) Oziewicz, Tina (author). What Feelings Do When No One’s Looking

Yoto Carnegie Medal for Writing Nominated Titles 2024

Alexander, Kwame. The Door of No Return

Barnard, Sara. Where the Light Goes

Bethell, Zillah. The Song Walker

Boakye, Jeffrey. Kofi and the Rap Battle Summer

Boulley, Angeline. Warrior Girl Unearthed

Bourne, Brianna. The Half Life of Love

Boyce, Frank Cottrell (author) Lenton, Steven (illustrator). The Wonder Brothers

Cameron, Sophie. Away with Words

Carroll, Emma (author) Child, Lauren (illustrator). The Little Match Girl Strikes Back

Carroll, Emma. The Tale of Truthwater Lake

Clarkin, Amy. What Walks These Halls

Coelho, Joseph (author) Milner, Kate (illustrator). The Boy Lost in the Maze

Conaghan, Brian. Swimming on the Moon

Connors, A. The Girl Who Broke the Sea

Croucher, Lex. Gwen & Art are Not in Love

Darbon, Mel. What the World Doesn’t See

Davies, Nicola (author) Horáček, Petr (illustrator). Choose Love

de Fombelle, Timothée (author) Campi, Thomas (illustrator) Ardizzone, Sarah (translator). A Swallow in Winter

de Fombelle, Timothée (author) James, Holly (translator). Alma: The Wind Rises

Delahaye, Rachel. Electric Life

Dunn, Kat. Bitterthorn

Dunne, Alex. The Book of Secrets

Eagle, Judith (author) Geyer, Kim (illustrator). The Stolen Songbird

Earle, Phil. Until the Road Ends

Farrant, Natasha. The Rescue of Ravenswood

Faulkner, Cathy. Digging for Victory

Fisher, Tia. Crossing the Line

Freedman, Dan (author) Hallstroem, Kajsa (illustrator). I Am Lenny Brown

Gayton, Sam. World Weavers

Goodfellow, Matt. Let’s Chase Stars Together

Gourlay, Candy. Wild Song

Green, Simon James. Boy Like Me

Grehan, Meg. The Lonely Book

Hardinge, Frances. Unraveller

Hargrave, Kiran Millwood (author) de Freston, Tom (illustrator). Leila and the Blue Fox

Ireland, Jenny. The First Move

Janmohamed, Shelina (author) Greenan, Laura (illustrator). The Story of Now

Jennings, Paul. The Lorikeet Tree

Katouh, Zoulfa. As Long As the Lemon Trees Grow

Khan, Hiba Noor. Safiyyah’s War

Kroon, Oskar (author) Prime, A. A. (translator). Rhubarb Lemonade

Kumagai, Clara. Catfish Rolling

Lamb, Simon (author) Riddell, Chris (illustrator). A Passing On of Shells

Lapinski, L.D. Jamie

Lessore, Nathanael. Steady for This

Lincon, Beth (author) Powell, Claire (illustrator). The Swifts

McDonnell, Eve. The Chestnut Roaster

McGowan, Anthony (author) Robinson, Keith (illustrator). Dogs of the Deadlands

McNicoll, Elle. Like a Curse

Mohamud, Ayaan. You Think You Know Me

Nadin, Joanna. A Calamity of Mannerings

Naidoo, Beverley. Children of the Stone City

Norry, E.L. Fablehouse

Oppel, Kenneth. Ghostlight

Parr, Lesley. Where the River Takes Us

Reid, Louisa. Activist

Rose, JP. The Haunting of Tyrese Walker

Said, SF (author) McKean, Dave (illustrator). Tyger

Sedgwick, Marcus. Ravencave

Silver, Josh. HappyHead

Skalietska, Yeva. You Don’t Know What War Is

Sprenger, Christian (author) Woffenden, Chris (illustrator). ZombieGerm 2: Mission Clutz

Thakur, Sophia. Wearing My Mother’s Heart

Thomson, Pari (author) Paganelli, Elisa (illustrator). Greenwild: The World Behind the Door

Titley, Alan (author) Coveney, Eoin (illustrator). The Táin

Williamson, Victoria. Norah’s Ark

Williamson, Victoria. War of the Wind

Woltz, Anna (author) Dean, David (illustrator) Colmer, David (translator). My Especially Weird Week with Tess

Wood, Laura. The Agency for Scandal

Nominations are accepted that met the criteria for the Medals and reflect the spirit of the Awards mission: To champion librarians to inspire and empower the next generation to create a better world through books and reading.

What happens next?

Each nominated book is read by every member of the 2024 judging panel – which this year includes 12 experienced librarians from CILIP’s Youth Libraries Group (YLG) − who volunteer their time as judges.

From these nominations, the judging panel will decide the long and shortlists and finally, the 2024 Medal winners, based on the official criteria for the Medals for Writing and Illustration.

The long and shortlists identify a range of outstanding books for children and young people of all ages and interests, celebrating world-class writing and illustration from new and established authors and illustrators.

The Shadowers' Choice Awards

2024 will also see the continuation of the Shadowers’ Choice Awards voted for by children and young people who take part in the Awards shadowing scheme – a reading for pleasure initiative that engages thousands of children and young people in schools and libraries in the UK and overseas through ‘shadowing’ reading groups. Young people read and engage with the shortlists critically and creatively, through group participation and digitally: posting online reviews, artworks, videos and taking part in creative activities and online events. Taking on the role of judges, the groups will vote for their favourite books to receive the Shadowers’ Choice Award at the winners’ ceremony in June 2024.

Registration for shadowing groups is now open and group leaders can opt in to receive a free publicity pack when the shortlists are announced in March.

The 2024 Yoto Carnegies promise to be an exciting journey through outstanding reading experiences.

Key Dates for 2024

Wednesday 13th February 2024: Longlists announced

Wednesday 13th March 2024: Shortlists announced and Shadowing begins

Thursday 20th June 2024: Yoto Carnegie Medal Winners announced 

For further information on The Yoto Carnegies 2024 please visit