Who Would Win in a Duel?
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Who Would Win in a Duel?

So we've been thinking, who would win in a duel Lord Voldemort: he who must not be named himself; or Darth Vader: the one chosen to bring balance to the force?

Sure, Voldemort has magic, but before he has a chance to cast a spell, Vader would be able to stop him with his Jedi Mind control. Or would he?

We think this would be a pretty epic face-off but let us know if you can think of a better one!

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Poll Results

Darth Vader (37%)

Lord Voldemort (63%)

Comments (49)

Demi.Naomi2011@gmail.com - 6th December 2021

Old Voldy will defiantly win.Cuz he actually has MAGIC,so with a lazy flick of his wand he could kill everyone within a 5 mile radius

JurassicJ - 1st December 2021

I think Voldemort would win, he could just wave his wand and shout "Avada kedavra!"

Afm - 27th July 2021

I think lord voldemort. Annie age 9

Olovesreading - 14th April 2021

Voldemort for the win!

Ziggy - 4th March 2021

I totally think Voldemort would win, I mean Voldemort could say Avada Kadavra before Darth has time to come close enough to hit him!

shay1186410-crazy tomboy - 24th February 2021

my sister loves harry potter she is reading it for the 6 TIME

Samcrazyforbooks-HarryPotterforlife786 - 24th February 2021

I love Books and Harry Potter!But not Star Wars much.I love reading and this site.

Blackfurrycat - 24th February 2021

Vader has a hole universe to controll except for the rebels and voldermort is dispised in the wizarding world

zebabu - 21st January 2021

voldermort 4 sure hese got magic i mean

ejcornford@outlook.com - 19th January 2021

couldn't the Emperor help Vader?

ejcornford@outlook.com - 19th January 2021

dv because the force can blow back spells

Booklover - 21st November 2020

Voldemort, no doubt!

Monkeyo - 17th October 2020

Definitely Lord Voldemort!

_MelonCat - 17th August 2020

I mean, it's probably Vader because he's got a high-tech lightsaber, but, Voldemort? pfft, he's only got a stick that can light up.

FractiousOne134 - 16th August 2020

Vader would proboably win because he has the most mediclorians coarsng through him than anybody and is incredibly force sensitive

poodl10 - 10th August 2020

I love harry potter {my life} even though Voldemort is evil and the bad one I vote him

ilovereading11 - 1st August 2020

It's close, I must admit. Vader has an empire and Voldemort has horcruxes. Vader's empire could probably take out Voldemort's horcruxes. Sorry, Tom Riddle fans, but Vader's gonna win this.

Red - 1st August 2020

I take pity on Voldemort because he has never been able to use is nose

GarfieldCat - 1st August 2020

Darth Vader will defeat non nose Voldemort

Aimee Beveridge - 28th June 2020

it would have to be voldemort if feel bad for him,, he has no nose! lol

bookgirl - 24th June 2020

i am the biggest harry potter fan and even though voldemort is bad i vote for him

KidMessi_89# - 11th June 2020

people it is the one who must not be named

weirdhenny - 9th June 2020

go darth vader kill him

OLSE5859 - 5th June 2020

voldemort wins obviously :¬)

LBell - 1st June 2020

Lol I love both movies

freddiey - 21st May 2020

Go on Lord Voldemort. Even though you are evil, we are routing for you!

grace rose - 12th May 2020

obviously lord Voldemort (the dark lord) because Darth vader would have to destroy 7 horcruxes and voldermort could just flick his wand using a nonverbal avada kedavra and darth vader would be dead altough he has a galatic empire and a light saber they wouldnt be much use against the almighty voldermort #potterhead #gryffindor/slytherin

Fee - 6th May 2020

poodl10 i agree.

Fee - 6th May 2020

I think Lord Voldermort as he has majic and could probably do the same as Darth Vader. GO VOLDY!! it was a hard decision as ilove both the movies i have watched!!

poodl10 - 5th May 2020

Dart Vader would have to destroy the 7 horcruxes : Tom Riddle's Diary, Tom riddle's ring, Nagini, the Hufflepuff trophy, Rowena Ravenclaw's tiara, The Slytherin locket and finally the horcrux in Harry

JohnL - 23rd April 2020

Voldemort will win Darth Vader would have to break the horcruxes

HARRY.S - 23rd April 2020


kingbob7890 - 26th March 2020

It would be darth vader since he has a galactic empire at his disposal.

hello guys it's 123 gaming and (insert here) - 25th March 2020

Both will clap each other in certain thing

thesimsons - 25th March 2020

I feel bad for Voldemort. He has no nose.

Naro Tong - 24th March 2020

gosh people, Voldemort will just flick his wand and win. He has no need to say Adava Kedavera because he will just say it in his head so.. he wins!

keirahayden.o@gmail.com - 24th March 2020


Evabeaver01 - 23rd March 2020

obviously Darth Vader because he has the force and a lightsaber

KittenWritten - 23rd March 2020

Don't know much about Stars Wars so I'm saying Voldie

Nicole - 23rd March 2020

Go lord Voldemort I love Harry Potter any more potterheads??????

Kyle - 21st March 2020

It's voldamort !!!!!

poodl10 - 18th March 2020

I can not believe voldermort has no nose

Pippo - 8th March 2020

Definitely Voldemort ☠️

poodl10 - 8th March 2020

obviously Voldermort

Mud skipper - 6th March 2020

Darth vader is going to win because he has the force and a light saber

Frog - 6th March 2020

Come on darth vader

MrSproutLover - 5th March 2020

Star Wars is amazing and I love it

frankied - 28th February 2020

please lord vader, kick his butt

Rosey aurora - 28th February 2020

I love Star Wars I read your book each night

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