Are You Reading More During Lockdown?
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Are You Reading More During Lockdown?

There's been a lot to think about in the last few weeks and lots of changes taking place. We find that reading a book is a great way to escape and relax, but have your reading habits changed?

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Poll Results

I'm reading less (10%)

I'm reading the same amount (15%)

I am reading more (33%)

I am reading much more (41%)

Comments (45) - 6th December 2021

I am reading the same amount but a bit more

JurassicJ - 1st December 2021

Unfortunately, I only read the same amount. My old school gave SO much homework over online classes that I didn't have time for anything else.

Keilani 123 - 19th October 2021

Lock down is sooo boring but iam reading much more

Ally2012 - 10th July 2021


bob - 4th March 2021

I am reading quite a lot of books at the moment especially during this lockdown

Ziggy - 4th March 2021

I really HATE lockdown, I am probs reading less cos I always read at night but now we are not having the reading sessions at school.

SleepyKitten10 - 2nd March 2021

I am reading a lot more this year. My fave book series ever is "The Mysterious Benedict Society". I also hate Covid-19

Chiara - 19th January 2021


Fabian - 7th January 2021

i read much more at lockdown i hate it

morganwilson - 16th December 2020

Legends NEVER die is my favourite book

morganwilson - 16th December 2020

I always read my family is brought up on fairytales and I love it soooooo much especially during lockdown

readingsloth - 4th November 2020

i love love love books i also enjoyed lockdown cause i got to spend tme with my family

Booklover - 17th October 2020

I love books!

Babyoda4life - 1st October 2020

I luv reading some much i want the raina telgamier set but idk where to get it - 16th August 2020

Being in lockdown days is like we are in a nightmare,but I used to red much more during the lock down.Now our country has opened and i am going to school and maintaining my reading schedule

ilovereading11 - 1st August 2020

My tip is ... if you can't go for an outdoor adventure, go for an indoor one! (in the form of a book, of course.)

GarfieldCat - 1st August 2020

i have read practically the same amount of books in lockdown

Bellmont - 17th July 2020

I love reading

linken - 9th July 2020

In lockdown I have read more but would not have time to read much more I read lots anyway. My younger sister has read a lot more but she has not been reading for long as she is small. I didnt mind lockdown, been going for lots of walks and bike rides with mummy and daddy. Mummy and daddy are teachers and have been at school some days so I went in with mummy then as well, I enjoyed it.

FleurS - 11th June 2020

I was supposed to be going to FINLAND with my school.mI hate hate hate hate hate lockdown

KidMessi_89# - 11th June 2020

im reading harry potter and the prisoner of azkaban

FunkBunk239 - 10th June 2020

I normally read LOADS, but have become really dependent on reading at the moment. It is (in my opinion) the only gain of lockdown

makmo19 - 23rd May 2020

this is the best book you no

poodl10 - 23rd May 2020

I hate covid-19

poodl10 - 23rd May 2020

i am definitely reading lots more especially the Harry Potter series i have been reading them over and over again. I hate lockdown

DJ 5000 - 22nd May 2020

I'm reading the famous five and I'm already on number 13 out of 21 and I only stated at the start of lockdown

MYSCHO - 14th May 2020

I read lots of books during the lockdown I wish when the school is opening

Jack_Russel_xxxx - 13th May 2020

I am reading whilst walking on the treadmill

Harrison1 - 12th May 2020

Lockdown is stupid

Harrison1 - 12th May 2020

Lockdown is stupid

grace rose - 12th May 2020

i hate coronavirus

Dudes - 12th May 2020

Lockdown Is stuipid

MALI1@castlehall - 11th May 2020

I love reading and would love to receive online books . Is that possible? Please let me know

charli.damilo - 11th May 2020

I am inproving alot in my reading and learning also lockdown has helped me come closer to my family.

Lazim - 11th May 2020

I HATE Lockdown too

Samandcatlover2007 - 7th May 2020

Lockdown is ruining our livvvvveeeeesss

Tiggy - 6th May 2020

I am reading more

Hamia309 - 5th May 2020

I can't read much any more! I don't have much books. I got all my books from school, I can't go to the libary anymore and theres so much more school work I barely get any time

Mynameisjeff900 - 4th May 2020

I am reading. more and I am reading The Maze Runner

maisey101010 - 4th May 2020

i love reading and as we are in lockdown (so BORING) i have loads more time to read so i read soooooooooooooooooooo much

Nikolai halyon - 1st May 2020

I ma reading a lot in lockdown which means i am running out of books that i want to read

Rosetta608 - 1st May 2020

Lockdown is SOOOO BORING!!!

bibit - 28th April 2020

i am reading more

poodl10 - 25th April 2020

I HATE Lockdown

Lilly - 24th April 2020

I read quite a lot even during lockdown

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