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The Brothers Hawthorne

"Riches, risks, romance and high-stakes game-playing— the twists keep-a-coming in this mystery series set around an ultra-moneyed family."

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LoveReading4Kids Says

LoveReading4Kids Says

The Brothers Hawthorne sees Jennifer Lynn Barnes ramp up her juicily addictive Inheritance Games series big time when it comes to unwrapping more sibling dynamics. Centred on Grayson and Jameson, who “knew the rules. You couldn’t get around rules if you didn’t know them”, it’s packed with page-turning puzzles, twisting secrets, challenges, and a game with the highest of stakes.

Alternating between Grayson and Jameson’s narratives, The Brothers Hawthorne sees Grayson step-up to extract his half-sisters from a spot of bother, while hot-head Jameson can’t resist throwing himself into his enigmatic father’s challenge to infiltrate a super-exclusive underground gambling club in London.

A rollercoaster ride of risk, romance, sacrifice and suspense across the globe, The Brothers Hawthorne is an absolute belter for fans of intricate mysteries and stories set around super-elite circles.

Joanne Owen

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