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The Final Gambit

"The danger ramps up as the clock ticks down in this thrilling third Inheritance Games novel."

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LoveReading4Kids Says

LoveReading4Kids Says

“This was Hawthorne House. There would always be another mystery…This was the beginning…and I was ready to be bold”. So ended the previous novel in the enigmatic, dripping-with-wealth-and-mystery Inheritance Games series, and The Final Gambit picks up the baton in edge-of-your-seat style.

Avery’s year in Hawthorne House has almost come to an end, which means she’s on the verge of fulfilling the condition of Tobias Hawthorne’s inheritance. On the cusp of becoming the richest teenager in the world. Over the past year, she and the handsome Hawthorne bros have become inextricably bound together by all manner of factors — suspicion, danger, the scrutiny of the press, a joint effort to decipher Tobias’ baffling trail of clues and riddles to find out why she was chosen to inherit his billions, and by passion.

But there’s one last game to play; a final sting in the tail when a stranger turns up, unleashing another Pandora’s box of puzzles, and danger. Tingling with “will-she-won’t-she make it to the end?” tension — and what does the end even look like, and will it really be the end? — The Final Gambit is a heart-racing showstopper.

Joanne Owen

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