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Space Synopsis

We have lift off! Would you like to go into space? Do you know why it gets dark outside? This little book is the ideal way to begin to explore vocabulary about space, the sun, stars, telescopes, bowl-shaped craters, star sailors, planets, and space missions! Perfect to share, there is something wonderful to discover and learn about space on every page. Written and illustrated by the same team as 'Big Words for Little People', this series is special, not only because it focuses on science in a child-friendly way, but also because it's from Oxford, it's packed with educational goodness, ideas and tips for activities to help children develop and grow. It has been carefully crafted to nurture a child's natural curiosity, and to have the right vocabulary to talk about it too.

About This Edition

ISBN: 9780192786951
Publication date: 7th September 2023
Author: Helen Mortimer
Publisher: Oxford University Press an imprint of OUP OXFORD
Format: Hardback
Series: Science Words for Little People