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Watch Them Grow!

"A delightful rhyme, bright illustrations and exciting animal facts combine in this charming introduction to life cycles."

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LoveReading4Kids Says

LoveReading4Kids Says

Bright and bold illustrations introduce readers to a variety of unique species in this fun exploration of animal life cycles. From Burmese pythons to starlings, grey wolves to bottlenose dolphins, we learn more about the infancies of different animals; making this a perfect introduction to the wonders of the natural world and the diversity of species we exist alongside. I particularly liked that the last animal listed is the human, it was a gentle but powerful way of underlining our connection to other species.

The animal explorations are delivered through a delightful rhyme that will make this book a joy to read aloud and share. As the poem ends, we meet some of the animals in greater detail, first readers enjoy a brightly coloured double page spread of names for different animal babies. We are then treated to a closer look at animals who are particularly interesting as babies and parents, including lungless axolotl, seahorses and marsupials. The information is perfectly selection to spark awe and wonder in all ages – parents will surely feel a wry sympathy for dolphin mothers who do not sleep at all for a month after giving birth! Brimming with fun and exciting facts, this is a perfect non-fiction book for curious animal lovers.

Amy McKay

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