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Myths, Mummies and Magic in Ancient Egypt

"The perfect introduction to the world of the ancient Egyptians"

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LoveReading4Kids Says

LoveReading4Kids Says

July 2023 Graphic Novel of the Month

The ancient Egyptian myths sometimes get overlooked in favour of Greek, Roman and Norse stories, but they’re justly in the spotlight in this new comic book collection.

The six tales of love, loss, greed, envy and bravery featured do indeed, as the back cover says, make the perfect introduction to the world of the ancient Egyptians. What’s more, boldly illustrated in comic strips, full of detail and scattered with excellent jokes too, they’ll appeal to readers of all ages.

It starts, of course, with the Creation Story, the sun god Re weeping tears that become human beings. That’s followed by stories of the struggles between Seth and Osiris and between Horus and Seth, concluding with the story of the book of Thoth.

A final section is dedicated to Cleopatra, whose true story is as awe-inspiring as any of the gods’. In between are pages introducing the gods, pharaohs and explaining mummification and Egyptian beliefs about the afterlife.

An attractive, accessible and intelligent introduction to a fascinating world.

Andrea Reece

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