Why do our bodies change? Why are we different? How are we different? Here in this collection we have curated a list of books to help children learn about their bodies.

Some of them answer important questions to satisfy kids' fascination with the human body and in this collection we have included books to support certain topics covered in the curriculum too. There are non-fiction books on anatomy and body image plus practical guides on childhood, adolescence, diet and health. 

Adam Kay, of This Is Going to Hurt fame is a multi-award-winning writer, comedian and former doctor has become a profilic writer for children and needs a mention here. His first book for kids Kay's Anatomy, is a hugely entertaining and hugely informative guide to everything you ever wanted to know about the human body. Realising he has a real knack for presenting complex facts both clearly and concisely while making the reader laugh out loud, he followed it up with Kay's Marvellous Medicine, another brilliantly funny and highly educative medical guide. For the younger reader Amy Gets Eaten is an absolute must-read for the 3+-7+ age range where Amy the tiny sweetcorn hilariously fearlessly and informatively explores Noah’s digestive system. All illustrated by Henry Paker, these books are funny and educational reads that will delight all children.

All Bodies Are Wonderful by Beth Cox, newly published in September 2023 is also packed with fascinating facts and body-positive messages. Complemented by Samantha Meredith’s energetic, characterful illustrations, and splendid design that invites engagement, and this book amounts to an inclusive, informative treasure that’s ideal for home bookshelves and school libraries alike.  

Setting the positive tone, the book opens with a gorgeous inclusive message — “This book is a celebration of ALL bodies…Because you are incredible!” From here, we discover that we’re basically made of stardust, and the wow-factor fact that the atoms in you today will have once been in dinosaurs and dogs, bacteria and trees.

Radiating an inspiring message about the naturalness of difference, All Bodies Are Wonderful will help adults have big conversations with little ones, and foster an inclusive, caring outlook.

There are also useful resources on BBC Bitesize;

KS1 - Human Body including What are the parts of the body, Staying healthy and learning about the senses

KS2 Human Body - Including Skeletons and Muscles, Circulation and Health

For KS3 - Human Biology including Skeletal and Muscular Systems, Digestion and Human Reproduction

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